How to Write Cold E-mails That Don’t Get Ignored

Did you know that 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating business? With that large number, email marketing has become a huge opportunity for marketers and businesses. 

A majority of email marketing comes from companies that have already gotten permission from consumers to send them marketing emails. However, professionals from all over are now using cold e-mail as a means to find and attract potential leads. 

But how can you use cold e-mailing to increase the success of your business? Continue reading to see if cold e-mailing is right for you and how to get started!

What Is a Cold E-mail?

Similar to cold calling, a cold e-mail is an email you send to prospects you don’t have a former relationship with. The purpose of a cold e-mail is to introduce yourself and your product and/or service to someone who could potentially use it.

Cold E-mails vs Spam

Cold e-mailing doesn’t have the best reputation and can often be mistaken for spam. However, they are not one and the same. 

A spam email is when the exact same email is sent to multiple people at one time. This email doesn’t address a recipient by name and doesn’t make a personal connection with the recipient. 

Spam emails aren’t used to start a conversation. These emails will instead always encourage the recipient to make a purchase of something that may or may not be relevant to them. 

Cold e-mails, however, are used to create connections and start conversations with specific target audiences that are likely to relate to the product and/or service presented to them. 

How To Send a Cold E-mail To Connect

Unlike traditional email marketing, professionals have to be more careful when sending cold e-mails. Since you don’t have permission to send these emails, they have to be personalized. This will help gain the trust of the recipient and not appear spammy. 

So how do you write a cold e-mail that will actually generate leads? Continue reading to learn how to increase the probability that your cold e-mails will generate a response. 

Know Your Recipient

Do your research! Personalization is key when it comes to sending cold e-mails. You want to make sure you know who your recipient is and address them by name. 

Find out what their career and job title is. Be sure to understand their background and what interests them. The more you know about this person, the more personalized your email can be.

Make this person feel like you’ve emailed them specifically because of their skillset. People are generally more motivated to help others when they feel uniquely qualified to do so. Also, when your recipient sees that you’ve done your homework, they are more likely to respond with interest than if they receive a generic spam email asking them to buy something.  

Establish Credibility

Knowing a lot about a person you’ve never met can seem a bit off-putting unless you establish credibility. Offer as much information about yourself as you know about this other person. Include your contact information, job title, and a bit about your background. 

Be sure they know why you’re qualified to speak on the topic you’re addressing. Offer up your experience and how you came to be in the job you’re in now. 

You also want to make sure you don’t come off as a robot. Be sure to speak conversationally and not too formally. Use contractions in your writing and keep the tone light!

Offer a Solution

Once you’ve introduced yourself and personalized your email to the recipient, it’s time to make your case. It’s no secret that you’re sending this cold e-mail to offer a solution, so don’t beat around the bush. Get straight to the point with a direct pitch.

Be sure to address why your product and/or service will help them specifically. Understand their needs and pain points so you can speak about them in the email you send. Show your recipient that you care about their growth.

You want to portray your service as a viable solution and showcase what’s in it for them. As you write it out, try and think about why they should choose you.

If you’re looking for extra resources to build the right media pitch, check out these examples from

Try a Template

Think about using a template to help you as you write out your message. Some of the best cold e-mail templates keep it simple! 

The AIDA approach is a popular template in email marketing. AIDA stands for, Attention -> Interest-> Desire -> Action. Grab their attention, generate interest, build a desire for your service, and incorporate an action item.

Another approach is the BAB template. BAB stands for Before -> After -> Bridge. Address the problem your recipient has before the solution, what their life could be after the solution, and how your product is the bridge between the two. 

Eye-catching Subject Line

No one will open your email if you don’t have an enticing subject line. This is the first thing your recipient will see before they even open your email! 

Don’t make the subject line too long or too general. Try to be short, specific, friendly, and personalized. Keep the subject line relevant to the body of the email. 


As with any marketing campaign, you must include an actionable item you’d like your recipient to take. For a cold e-mail, this could be something simple as, “email me”, “call me”, or “reach out”. 

As stated above, include your contact information including email, phone number, and website. You want to give your recipient all of the tools so they can reach you easily and quickly. 

Follow Up

You’ve emailed and they haven’t responded? No worries! It’s okay to send at least 2-3 follow-up emails to ensure your email didn’t get lost in the shuffle. 

Be sure to address that you’ve already contacted them in the follow-up and follow the same format as the original email. 

Get Started 

Now that you know how to write a cold e-mail, it’s time to open your computer and get to it! Remember to keep it simple, friendly, and personal. 

Offer your product and/or service as an excellent solution and be sure to include ways to get in touch. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to generating leads in no time.

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