How to Very Easily Find Out the Cube Roots of Any Kind of Numbers?

The cube root of any number can be easily found by several kinds of simple methods and the most commonly used method is the prime factorisation method. For example, eight is a perfect cube number because one can very easily find out its cube root with the help of the prime factorisation method. Finding the cube root of that particular number which is a non-perfect cube number can be a little complex process but it can be perfectly mastered by the kids if they move with proper planning and practising. Hence, to find out the cube root of any number it is very much important to find out that particular number when it will be multiplied three times by itself then come out will be the original number. Hence, it is very much important for the kids to be clear about all the methods of finding out the cube root so that they never face any kind of problem.

 The cube root is the inverse process of calculating the cube of a number and it is also denoted by a specific symbol. In the cases of finding out the cube root of a non-perfect cube number for example to it is important for people to indulge in the utilisation of the long division method because it can be perfectly utilised in terms of finding out the cube root with the help of approximation value for example in the case of two it will come out to be 1.260.

 Similarly, in the case of four, the answer will come out to be 1.67.


There are broadly two methods of finding out the cube root of any number which are categorised as follows:

  • Prime factorisation method: Under this particular method finding out of cube root is very easy with the help of prime factorisation and there will be no hassle throughout the process because people will be having a clear understanding of the whole process as they simply need to use the factorisation method which the kids are learning from the junior classes.
  • Long division method: This is the method which is very much similar to the finding square method and for this purpose kids need to make a pair of three-digit numbers from the back to front and the further step will be to find out the number whose cube root is less than or equal to the given number. After this kids need to subtract the number from the given number and right of the second number and after this particular step it is very much important to find out the multiplication factor for the further process in the long division method which will come by multiplication of the first number obtained. After this, kids need to continue the above-mentioned process to find out the cube root of a number and then this particular process will be used. There will be no problem throughout the process and this concept will always be used in the cases of a non-perfect cube number. Practising this particular concept is very much important on the behalf of kids so that there is no wastage of time in the examination.

 Hence, being clear about both the above-mentioned methods of finding the cube root is very much important for the kids so that they can solve the questions very easily in the examinations. Apart from this kids also need to be clear about the methods associated with finding out the square root of any kind of number so that they can solve questions without any kind of hassle and further enrolling the kids on platforms like Cuemath is a very good decision on the behalf of parents because with the help of such platforms kids will become masters of subjects like mathematics and will be able to score well in the exams.

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