How to use the CAT Question Paper to Score 99%ile?

CAT is one of the most difficult entrance exam among all the other MBA entrance exams in India. Every year, more than two lakh candidates register for the CAT Exam to pursue admission to top MBA colleges in India. The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) demand high score in CAT Exam. To improve the chances of getting admission to one of the IIMs, one must solve CAT Question Papers to get a better understanding of the exam. 

The CAT Question Paper provides you regular practice and allows you to check the level of your exam preparation. Solve the papers, review your mistakes, improve the topic and practice again. 

Solve CAT Question Paper to Score 99%ile

There is no exact number of questions to be solved to score 99%ile on the CAT question paper. To obtain 99%ile, aspirants need to do more than just attempt the questions. A good percentile in CAT is influenced by three main factors:

  • The exam pattern as well as the marking scheme of CAT.
  • Accuracy and speed in solving the CAT exam paper, and
  • The normalisation process of the CAT exam.

How many questions to attempt to score 99%ile in CAT?

In the opinion of the experts, to score 99%ile in CAT, one should attempt 75% of questions accurately. In IIM admissions, there is individual significance in the overall percentile and sectional percentile. Hence, it is essential to focus on good accuracy in each section of the CAT exam.

Below is the table indicating the number of good attempts against the total number of questions asked in the CAT exam paper:

CAT SectionsTotal QuestionsGood Attempts
Quantitative Aptitude2216

Accuracy Table to score 99%ile in CAT

AccuracyTotal Required AttemptsCorrectIncorrectTentative Score
80%534211(42×3)-11 = 115
90%45405(40×3)-5 = 115
100%39370(37×3)-0 = 117

Tips for using CAT Question Paper to Score 99%ile

It is not easy to score 99%ile in the CAT exam. However, with determination and regular practice, one can easily crack the CAT exam in one attempt. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the CAT exam to score 99%ile:

  • Appear in online mock tests: Online mock tests are very helpful for clearing any doubt regarding any section in the CAT exam. You can attempt previous year’s question papers also in the online mock tests. Attempting these online tests will enable you to treat a problem in the right way.
  • Analyse the online mock tests: After you appear in the online mock tests, do not forget to analyse your paper. Then only you can understand your effort. It is effective or not. It is very important to find out the mistakes and to gain an in-depth understanding of the errors. Analysing your mock test paper will help you to do better and make fewer mistakes in the CAT exam.
  • Avoid guesswork: This is a very important tip, essential for all the entrance exams as well as for the CAT exam. Never guess any answer. Attempt the question only when you are certain about the answer. You will fail to analyse your actual potential if you attempt guesswork in the CAT exam.
  • Understand the concepts: Focus more on those concepts from where questions are asked in the CAT entrance examination. Usually, direct questions are not asked in the CAT exam. So, understanding the concepts is a must for going a long way. Once you clearly understand the concept, you can easily attempt any question asked in the CAT exam.

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