How to Successfully Pursue a Product Liability Claim

Did you suffer an injury after using a defective product? Data shows that defective or unsafe products cause about 10.9 million injuries each year. You might find yourself experiencing pain and suffering. 

If you’re in the hospital and can’t work, you need to seek compensation. You need the money to make ends meet. There’s a way you can get justice. 

You can file a product liability claim. To file one, you must prepare yourself. Read on to learn how to file this type of claim. 

Whom to Sue and When to Sue

If you suffer a defective product injury, you might have a case. You need to know how to file a product liability claim. If you do it right, you can increase your chances of getting compensation. 

As a consumer, you might be able to sue different parties. Who you sue depends on who is responsible for your injuries. You might have a case against the manufacturer and the seller of the defective product. 

The proper defendants must be identified. They must be found liable. 

There’s a statute of limitations that governs product liability claims. The statute of limitations varies by state, so you must know how many years it’s in your state. 

You must make sure to file your claim within the deadline. Doing so allows you to preserve your right to damages.

Proving Product Liability

You need to link your injury to a product defect. There are several actions you must take to do this. 

Focus on gathering evidence for your claim. Preserve the product so that expert witnesses can examine it later on.

Get medical records to show you were treated for a defective product injury. Hold on to the bills that show the costs of medical treatment. If you’re disabled, you can use it for compensation. 

Don’t forget to collect proof of lost wages as you might be able to receive compensation for wages. Gather pay stubs and a W-2 form. 

It’s a good practice to document everything. This practice can help to make the process move along quicker. 

Hire a Product Liability Lawyer

Before you decide to file your claim, you should hire a product liability lawyer. This type of lawyer focuses on product liability law. You can benefit from working with this lawyer. 

Your lawyer will help you determine what’s the best course of action. There are different types of liability, so your lawyer will draft your claim with this in mind. 

The lawyer you hire will advocate on your behalf. You can expect your lawyer to litigate your case in court if there’s a need to do so.  

Do you need to hire a product liability lawyer? Cosse Law Firm has the right product liability lawyer for you. 

Don’t Wait to File a Product Liability Claim

If you suffer an injury due to a defective product, you should file a product liability claim. You can seek compensation for your damages. Make sure to hire a product liability lawyer to take on your case. 

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