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5 Steps to Launching a News Website | Web Publisher PRO

The truth is anyone can start a news website but what many don’t know is that it takes hard work, resilience and best creativity to hack this industry. 

With current statistics indicating that 8 out of 10 Americans prefer to get their news from online sources, the question of whether this is a profitable niche is no longer a concern.

 What’s more, the number is likely to increase in the coming future as accessing information through a news website has the following advantages.

  • It offers access to well organized, in-depth and up to date content at no fee.
  • Most news websites are mobile-friendly, making it easy for you to access and read the news.
  • It’s highly convenient as you have 24/7 accessibility and can get information regarding any country through a single click.

Simply put, news websites are the online versions of traditional print media newspapers. It is a site that allows people to access different types of news on a single platform. Although anyone can start an online newspaper, it takes the best creativity to hack it in this industry.

To begin with, you must endeavour to be unique, maintain consistency and provide easy to read interesting content that captures the attention of your target audience. Here are a few must implement tips as you embark on this journey.

Decide on a Unique Name and Domain

The first step is coming up with a catchy name that sets you out from the rest and clearly defines what your news website offers. There are thousands of news websites out there. You must therefore invest in a unique name to inspire people to visit your site.

Before deciding on a name, ensure first to define your target audience and the type of emotion you wish to provoke with the brand name. From here, you can quickly devise a reputation that sets you out from your competitors and relates to your target market.

Next, you need to secure a domain name for your news website. This is your site’s unique address; therefore, settle on something accurate and memorable. If possible, go with a domain name that contains the word “news”. There are many domain providers for your consideration, such as Godaddy and Bigrock.

Select Your Web Hosting Service

This step entails choosing an online storage space provider for all your pages, databases and files. Many companies are offering this service, such as Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator, Namecheap and Hostwinds, to name a few. Of course, many things, such as your budget, will influence your decision but always ensure to settle on a reliable and robust web hosting service provider.

Design Your Website

Designing a website translates to customizing it and fitting it with convenient features to enhance professionalism and improve user experience. Therefore, your website must have an impressive, creative, user-friendly and content-rich design to beat the heightened competition in news portals. One of the best designs for a news website is the grid-based design that allows for a large amount of content.

Some of the key features to consider are a breaking news section, personalized user experience, an easy to navigate platform, heightened readability through suitable colour schemes, a comment section, and a frequent news update section.


Now, you need to communicate with your target audience through truthful, valuable, and exciting content. The secret to making it in the news industry is developing mouthwatering content that leaves your readers yearning for more. This requires that you read widely, create a unique voice and keep up with trending topics.

Moreover, ensure to maximize the white space and use thought-provoking headlines when publishing your content. Good organization and truthful content helps set your site aside from the thousands of news websites existing today. Finally, maintain consistency as this leads to a better ranking on search engines essential for your site’s survival and growth.

Maintain Rigorous Promotion To Keep Your Site Going

It would help if you came up with a mechanism of keeping your target audience intact and loyal to your content. You can do this through incorporating on-page and off-page SEO, a robust social media marketing campaign on popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and Ad advertisement.

This requires that you set aside an advertisement section at a strategic location on your website. The idea is to incorporate ads without turning away the readers. Some of the best spots to have your ads are on the sidebar, header or even footer. This way, you get to monetize your site without distracting your readers quickly.

Parting Shot

Starting a news website has never been as easy as it is now, thanks to the many website building tools provided by advancements in technology. The above is, however, a general overview of the steps followed in most regions. Ensure to consult with your specific countries’ rules in terms of monetizing rules,  the number of subscribers, and legal terms before starting a news website

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