How to Save Images From Pinterest to My Gallery on an Android Device

Pinterest allows you to save and share images to online pin boards. It’s a useful method of planning excursions, meals as well as home decor and projects such as office or website revamps.

If you find images posted on Pinterest by someone you know or have shared You can store it on your Android smartphone or tablet and access it using”My Gallery” or the “My Gallery” app. Be aware that if you decide to republish the image in other places, you’ll usually require permission from the copyright owner.

Download Pinterest Board Pictures

When you’re using Pinterest app for Android tablet or smartphone app You can download Pinterest images from the app.

If you come across a photo that you wish to save to the app, simply tap the image to display the image in a closer view. Next, press to open the icon for menus which is represented by three dots. Then, tap the Download button and save the image onto your smartphone or tablet.

It is then accessible via the Gallery application just as you could access any other photos that you’ve saved, or even taken.

Download From the Pinterest Website

If you do not have the Pinterest application on your Android smartphone or tablet you can still download Pinterest images via Pinterest’s Pinterest website.

Click the image you wish to download from the site to display the image in a closer view. Press the “…” menu button to display the menu that pops up and click the Download button. Your gallery will then save your image.

You could also apply the similar technique on a desktop or laptop or laptop computer for saving images off Pinterest by making use of your mouse instead or the touch screen on your smartphone.

Take a Screenshot

Another method for saving images on the majority of websites or apps that you can access on the phone is to capture an image. Hold and press the Volume down or power buttons of your smartphone to take a picture. The phone will usually display a message that your image was successfully taken, and you might hear a sound depending on whether your volume is on.

The image will be saved in your gallery, usually in a folder titled Screenshots. The screenshot could contain elements of your web browser , or the Pinterest application, therefore you might want to cut off these elements prior to using the image for anything.

Be aware that the screenshot could be smaller in resolution than the original image you’re trying to make copies of, therefore it is usually better to download or obtain the original image if you are able to.

Pictures and Copyright

The United States and most other countries, images and images are typically legally protected through copyright. This means that you cannot make use of them on your website or in print to promote your business , or for any other public viewable purposes without permission from the person who is the owner of the rights.

If you make use of images without the permission of the copyright owner and you violate copyright, you could be sued or being charged with an offense. The fact that the image is on Pinterest or any other social media site or app doesn’t mean you can’t use or republish.

If you’re planning to make use of an image you have found on Pinterest try to determine who owns the rights to the image and the possibility of licensing. Certain photos and stock images can be licensed easily online using an online credit card transaction and a few clicks the button. It is possible to use reverse image search software such as Google Image Search or TinEye to search for other websites where the image was featured online and find the source.

Older images may lose their copyright status and be placed in into the the public domain however this process can take several years. If you’re unsure who is the owner of an image, or whether it’s

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