How to Resist the Need for Speed While Driving in a Sports Car

Tom Cruise, in his role in the first “Top Gun” movie as Maverick, said it best: “I feel the need … the need for speed!”

If you’re an adrenaline rush seeker, you know exactly what Mav was talking about. While he was looking for that thrill by flying planes, though, yours comes from getting behind the wheel of a sports car.

An average sports car can top off at 200 mph, and some of the higher-end luxury cars, like a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, go over 300. It’s an incredible feeling to be in charge of that much power, but it’s also a significant responsibility.

When you’re driving a sports car, speeding comes easy. To keep yourself, others, and your car safe, you must resist that “need for speed.” Use these tips to watch the accelerator and stay within the posted limits.

1. Leave Early

Rushing is the main reason why we speed — and how many unnecessary accidents occur. It’s extra tempting to get where you’re going a little faster when you’re in a sleek, sexy sports car that can slide in and out of traffic like butter.

To limit this temptation and the increased chance of getting in an accident, leave with plenty of time to spare. 

If you get where you’re going early, you can always take a few minutes to clean the bugs and dirt off your car before anything messes with the paint.

2. Keep the Radio Down

There’s something about loud music that makes us want to step on the accelerator harder and fly a little faster down the road. Put the top down in your sports car, or roll down the windows, blare the radio, and feel the wind rush through your hair.

Or … don’t. 

Speeding in a sports car is almost a surefire way to get pulled over. Your car is more visible because it’s unusual, so the police notice it quicker. If you’re going over the speed limit, they’ll see you before they see a family vehicle.

Add the decibels of a rocking radio to this fact of life, and you’re likely going to get a ticket for speeding. In some cities, you can also get cited for a loud noise ordinance.

3. Stick With Cruise Control

Cruise control is your best friend in a sports car unless the roads are wet. This safety feature helps you keep your speed where it should be at the touch of a button.

You still have to pay attention to the road, slowing down and speeding up as appropriate with traffic. The feature eliminates many of the accidental accelerations that take you well over the speed you thought you were doing and into dangerous driving zones. It’s easy to lose control of your car when a hazard appears out of nowhere if you’re rocketing down the road.

Keep in mind that you should never use cruise control when the roads are wet. You lose some sensitivity in the sensors of your car, and you don’t have as much traction control on your wheels.

4. Consider the Expenses

The price of your sports car probably wasn’t cheap. Then you have the insurance, upkeep, maintenance, fuel, and other car owner essentials.

Add the cost of a ticket to this list and a spiked insurance rate, and you might need to park your car more than you drive it.

If this doesn’t deter you, the cost of causing a wreck when speeding might be enough to scare you off the gas pedal. As an example, Los Angeles has a high accident rate. If you’re in an accident there, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Glendale, CA, or a nearby city, can use the fact that you were speeding against you.

Even if the accident wasn’t caused by you, the extra speed could have increased some of the damage you’re suing for, and the judge can find you partially at fault. This verdict means that whatever damages you should have gotten would be reduced for your percentage of fault.

Say you were supposed to be awarded $100,000, but the judge decides that because you were speeding in your sports car, you were 30% responsible for your injuries. Your award will be reduced by 30% ($30,000), leaving you with $70,000 instead.

That’s a massive reduction that could have been in your pocket if you weren’t speeding.

Is that extra rush worth the chance, and the expense?


The search for an adrenaline thrill is exciting, and when you have a sports car, it’s so easy to jump behind the wheel and go for a joyride. Save testing how fast your vehicle can go for the racetrack, not the highway, and resist that need for speed.

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