How to Prepare Your Car for Nationwide Shipping

Are you thinking about shipping your car across the country? Did you even know that was possible?

With nationwide shipping, it is! 

But how do you even go about car shipping? What are the steps to do it?  Whether you are thinking about nationwide transport or international shipping, there are a few options! 

Read on to learn more about how to prepare your car.


For starters, you need paperwork before shipping your car. To prove the car is yours to ship, you will need the following:

  • Registration 
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Original title of the vehicle 
  • Driver’s license
  • Bill of sale

Once you have this paperwork, you can further start to prepare!

Remove Belongings

Before you ship your vehicle, you want to make sure you remove the belongings you have in it. Everything that you have put inside the vehicle since owning it needs to be removed.

You will also want to remove anything on the outside like bikes, antennas, or luggage racks to avoid any damage during shipping.

Record Existing Damage

Before you send your car off for shipping, you should record any existing damage. You should also jot down the mileage.

This way, when you receive your car again in the new location, you can assess any damage to your car that wasn’t already there. Hopefully, there isn’t any, but it is always best to prepare just in case!

Leave Some Gas in the Tank

You don’t need your tank to be full to ship the car. However, you do want enough so that when you get to your new place, you can drive it for a bit before you need gas.

A good rule of thumb is to keep it about a quarter full.

Exchange Keys

You may need to give your keys over to the shipping company, but make sure that you do not give over your only pair of keys. If you only have one pair, be sure to make a copy.

Complete the Paperwork

Before you officially ship the car, you will need to fill out some legal paperwork.

Your shipping company should help you fill out the required paperwork, but make sure you do this step before handing over your car! 

Once you do this, you’re ready to go! 

Nationwide Shipping for Your Car

If you have been thinking about nationwide shipping of your car, now you know exactly how to do it! You can do this if you are moving across the country and want to drive the moving truck, or if you need to get it from one place to another and you are flying.

For whatever reason it is, you just need to follow these steps to prepare to the best of your abilities!

Soon, you and your car will be in a new place! 

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