How to Pay for Addiction Rehab with Insurance

If you are in the thick of things, escaping the harsh reality of giving up your habit, may seem like an impossible task. Not only is the cost and expense of a rehab facility high, but also if you are looking to help either yourself or a loved one, there are so many centers that it can be a daunting process to find the right one.

If you are wondering whether you can pay for this service via insurance butare not sure how to go about doing this, keep reading to find out some helpful information about rehab costs, with and without having insurance, in this regard.

As per the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ mentioned here, the majority of the US-based health plans are obligatory to cover alcohol treatment, the downside of this is that it depends on which state you reside in.

Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

As per a recent online survey done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, over twenty-two million people suffer from these issues every year, and unfortunately, over 80 percent of them will not get treated for it.  Questions you may be asking yourself are if the insurance covers it? How much does it cost with or without it? And any other financial-related questions that creep up in atime of need.

Everyone and anyone can save themselves a lot of costs if they know the answers to these questions and in the long run, insurance is usually the best solution, which will save you costs and headaches.

So, the simple answer to if it does cover rehab is – yes. because these issues fall under the category of medical and mental diseases, and treatment thereof, it is covered up to a certain percentage by the best providers, or in full, depending on whom you approach. The one thing you need to keep in mind is the variables that play a significant part in the decision-making process and overall result.

The Costs of a Rehab Program – Variables to Consider

Depending on the type of rehab or treatment center, the costs will vary, there is no doubt about that. There is also the aspect of whether you opt for an outpatient or inpatient program. In most cases, 28 days of treatment is what the majority of Americans can afford:

There are diverse options you can choosefrom, and the difference is that a non-profitfacility would be completely free for individuals, however, because the demand for them is so high, chances are you may not be able to be admitted into them or get help anytime soon and the waiting lists for these venues, are sometimes up to 1 year.

The other option is the more luxurious and private or specialized facility where most celebrities and famous people go, however they are open to those from all walks of life if you can pay for it or your insurance covers it. These can cost anywhere up to $80,000 per month depending on the location and services. Then there are the middle ground standard centers that are at an average cost to everyone and cost only around $20,000 a month.

One of the most recommended insurance providers for these types of middle-class and luxurious centers is the Aetna rehab centers, and these providers have facilities in various locations throughout the United States, including California, South Dakota, Colorado, and Texas, Illinois.

They offer top of the range care and luxury treatment to patients, with features that include housing, professional and knowledgeable therapists, 24/7 access to doctors, a detoxification program, and are often located in relaxing settings either in the countryside or the seaside, for everyone to enjoy an all-rounded experience during their recovery process.

The environment you are placed in plays a fundamental role in most cases, and the range of different treatment programs helps to combine a professional atmosphere with the benefits of a relaxed and friendly staff presence, so as not to overwhelm you in any way.

Things that are typically considered regarding the cost of any place are the type of treatment facility, the program you are put on if you need additional help or services, the location, and more.

As you would expect, a center that is by the seaside, with a swimming pool, hot tub, and luxurious resort vibes, will cost more than one in the city or with regular amenities. However, if you are not comfortable with a regular one, then the options of staying at a luxury and more upmarket one is available, you just need the right insurance to cover it.

A group of facilities such as Aetna, which has been around since the fifties is a sure way of getting a guaranteed treatment option that works. Their coverage was initially created for healthcare workers and employers to help with their mental and behavioralproblems. Their options varied from detoxification to intensive outpatient, inpatient rehabilitation, and hospital treatments. However now, their services have doubled and so have their standards.

The cover that insurances such as these provide is unmatchable to many and if you are serious about finding the best one, you should be looking for this one or a similar one. from the most basic to the most specialized item is often covered, and in many cases when you are in recovery, the doctors and medical professionals such as psychologists prescribe opioids to help you, and these can cost a sizable portion of your budget.

Not only this but to experience that 360-healing process there are relaxing activities provided such as swimming in a pool, relaxing in a hot tub, four-star food options, and more. Which is something you may not get anywhere else. The length of time you stay will depend on the type of program you have been included in; some people stay for the 60-day program while others for the 12-step program over a couple of weeks.

For any type of insurance, you are considering, there is no hard and fast rule for joining, however, to keep things simple and give you peace of mind, you should ask their support team for answers to any confusion or questions you may have. As with any type of insurance, the one that provides the most coverage would typically be the best.

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