How to measure fur clothing

Fur coats and jackets are a different type of clothing compared to regular clothing. They are designed to fit in different ways as they are designed to fit snugly while giving a trendy look. Appropriate measurements are essential for a good result.

As you may already know, buying clothes from a picture can be a big problem for sellers and buyers. Incorrect measurements can waste time and money for both parts. Especially for fur clothing, luxurious and expensive type of clothing.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid. Each fur garment is handmade. Every step of the manufacturing process is done by experienced hands. Thanks to this, fur manufacturers are able to offer the perfect fit for all tastes and tastes. Some simple measurements are needed only.

These measurements are presented in this guide

Taking measurements

There are two options for correct measurement.

  • Measure the fabric that you already own and that works for you.
  • Take measurements of your own body.

If you choose the first option, do not measure fur clothes that you already own. Prefer regular coverage because the measurements you will take will be as close as possible to the design template. Also, make sure you measure in loose clothing because you will likely be wearing winter clothing under fur clothes. Otherwise, if you prefer a tight-fitting coat, you can measure a more fitting coat. Finally, use a flat surface and a button up coat.

Use a measuring tape for every measurement! Required measurements:

1. Bust

When measuring your bust size, it is important to measure at the largest point. This will ensure that the fur coats you buy will match. The fur coat should be worn, but not tight. If you take this measurement more than once, you will know that everything is correct and you will not have a coat that is too small.  

2. Sleeve

The length of the sleeves is also important. To measure sleeve length, measure from the neckline to the sleeve cuff. To determine the correct length, measure from the base of your neck to your wrist to make sure you get the correct size. 

How can I check the quality of a fur product when I buy it?

  • The skins should be shiny, elastic and well docked together.
  • Feel the fur – the undercoat should be thick and soft, the shiny guard hair should also be soft, never bristly.
  • The seams should be tightly sewn and the hem should be straight and even.
  • Try on a fur coat and estimate its weight, it should be comfortable to wear.
  • A high-quality fur coat is sewn evenly and will fit well on your figure.
  • You can also look under the lining of a fur coat. The skins on the leather side should be smooth and soft.

How many seasons will my fur coat wear?

A fur coat is a kind of investment of a lot of money, so every customer expects that her new Faux Fur Jacket will delight her for several winters, still as shiny and beautiful as on the day of purchase.

However, the wear of a fur coat depends on many factors, such as the type of fur, storage conditions, adherence to manufacturing technology, and others.

For each type of fur, there is an approximate number of seasons of wear, which is available with proper use and storage of a fur product.

How to care for a fur coat?

Fur products require special conditions not only for socks, but also for storage. Our advice will help you to maintain the shine of the fur coat, the density of the fur and the color saturation for a long time.

the most important rule in fur care is to wear a fur coat as often as possible, there is nothing better for fur than fresh frosty air. Walking only improves the quality of the fur, in contrast to stuffy wardrobes.

when returning home, shake the fur coat and hang it on a wide hanger in an open space.

in case you get caught in a fur coat under the rain, do not worry. Just shake off any water droplets from the fur coat and let it dry at room temperature, away from the heating appliances. After the fur coat is dry, brush it with a metal brush.

be careful when sitting in a fur coat. Spread the fur coat properly so that it does not form characteristic creases.

do not spray perfume on the fur. In addition to the fact that the fur retains odors for a long time, the alcohol from the perfume will destroy the structure of the fur fibers.

in the summer, you can put the fur coat in a special refrigerator, but if you don’t have this opportunity, it’s okay. Place your fur coat at home in a spacious dark wardrobe in a cotton cover. Never store furs in a plastic bag!

Use anti-moth products to protect your coat from unwanted insects.

do not dry-clean your fur more than once a year.

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