How To Find The Best Staffing Agencies In US?

For most individuals, hiring an employee appears to be one of the easiest jobs in a corporate environment. While many agree with this, it’s shockingly overwhelming how difficult things can get if you’re in sudden need of manpower. Also, putting your effort and time in hiring employees by yourself instead of focusing on growing your business isn’t the best idea. To increase the productivity of your business and reduce the expenditure spent on hiring permanent employees even if you need them for some days, staffing agency is of great help.

What Does A Staffing Agency Do? 

Many problems can arise in the business due to lack of efficient manpower. The best possible solution to this is hiring a staffing agencies or recruiting firm to help you recruit candidates. These candidates are specially selected based on the work and skill they offer. You can hire them for a limited period of time, if you need to fill up the positions quickly or you can hire them as permanent candidates.

According to a report by American Staffing Association, every day around 2 to 3 million employees are recruited in big companies and firm in United States alone. These companies are mainly industries that require daily laborers but aside from industrial work, recruitments also take place in tech firms, Healthcare sector and other organized sectors.

However, hiring a staffing agency isn’t that easy as it sounds. Some recruitment firms can prove be reckless and less efficient in comparison to others. So, the role of proper research and evaluation before hiring staffing agencies becomes crucial. In our comprehensive guide to finding the best staffing agencies in United States, you’ll get to know everything from how to find the best staffing firm, what to ask and some tips to help you further with getting a better idea about these agencies.

Tips To Finding The Best Staffing Agency In US

  • Know your demands and look for firms that comply with it.
  • Communicate your needs with the firm and observe whether they pay attention to it or not.
  • Always go for agencies with good track record over the years.
  • Reputation and experience are the primary factors to consider before selecting a firm.
  • Do your research properly.
  • Evaluate the company based on parameters listed below.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Staffing Agency

The claims made by somestaffing agencies can be exaggerated or in some cases completely false. Believing in whatever is told to you by such agencies can lead you to trouble. To avoid inefficiency, you can ask them certain specific questions and analyze their answers to differentiate and identify a good and reliable staffing agency from a bad one. Here are some factors to consider in order to get a better understanding of what these staffing agencies have to offer.

  1. Experience And Reputation

The easiest way to identify a reliable staffing agencies is to check on their past relations with other clients. You might also want to know when the company was established as it tells you a lot about the work experience of firm. Knowing from where the company operates and how good it’s records have been over the years will significantly increase your trust and ultimately help you form a strong bond with the recruitment firm.

  1. Demand And Supply

Basically, a staffing agency acts like a bridge between the employees and employers. So, having a clear picture of what the client needs can help both employees and the hiring firm. Make sure to communicate what are your needs as an employer and what you expect from these potential employees, as it will do wonders to connect skilled professionals to your business. It’s a smart move to go for agencies who’ve previous experience with businesses similar to yours.

  1. Quality Of Workforce

At the end what actually matters is the talent pool recruited by the firm. For this you can enquire whether the personnel recruited by the staffing agency has performed well or not. You should also look for minor details as how often the company deals with clients and reviews from those clients. These parameters will help you find out whether the staffing agency is suited for you or not. Some other small details you might want to consider are the size of your business, the needs of your business, the salary you’re willing to pay and the working hours.

  1. Customer Support 

Knowing how good the customer service of a firm plays a important role in trust building. You don’t need to do research to find this one out, you can easily know it by observing how the firm treats you. Do they pay attention to your queries? Are they willing to help you? How quickly they respond to you? Are the firm’s customer care executives well equipped with the knowledge to help you? These minor details tells a lot about the work ethics and work culture of the staffing agency.

Are Staffing Agency Expensive?

Usually staffing agencies charge around 10% to 20% of the candidate’s annual income. Sometimes this may also include bonuses and other benefits given to the employees. However, the charges differ from agency to agency and depends on the type of work force they’ll be providing. Now answering to whether these staffing agencies will cause any harm to your pocket or not, it might seem as if you’re spending on something you can do all by yourself but in the long term this expenditure acts more like an investment. It’ll save your money as you don’t really need to pay for health insurances and other benefits and if the employee choses to quit, the staffing agency will be responsible to handle the situation. As far as prices are concerned, you can always negotiate it with your staffing agency according to your model and plans.

How To Avoid Poor Placements?

Staffing agencies do proper assessment and background check of each and every candidate they recruit but chances of hiring the wrong candidate is still very common. So, judging a staffing agency on one such case wouldn’t be fair but how they manage that case tells a lot about the effectiveness of that firm. If there’s a problem with the assessment of employees, reputable companies do their best to solve the problem as soon as possible. In such cases the staffing agencies compensate you with refunds and some agencies may go out of there way to give you extra compensation to maintain their reputation. So before hiring a staffing agency make sure to include this question that how will they avoid poor placement and how will they manage if something like this happens.


Staffing agencies prove to be great help but it’s also clever to not give full control of your recruitment process to them. If you’ve a marketing team then try to delegate this work to them as well to avoid being completely dependent on such firms. To help you with finding top staffing agencies, here’s a list of top 15 staffing agencies in US.

  1. Scion Staffing
  2. Randstad
  3. Express Employment Professionals
  4. Remedy Intelligent Staffing
  5. Kforce
  6. Keepers Staffing
  7. LiquidAgents Healthcare
  8. MedPro Staffing
  9. Teksystems
  10. Stafflink Solutions.
  11. Modi’s
  12. Epitec
  13. Bridge Technical Talent
  14. 52 Limited
  15. SNI companies

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