How to Find New Clients as a Financial Advisor

If you do a quick Google search for “financial adviser average salary,” various figures will crop up, ranging from around $60,000 right through to $280,000 plus! Whatever the reality is, one thing is for sure: you can make good money as a financial adviser.

But, how on earth do you go about getting new clients if you’re just starting out? You may even be somewhat established, yet are looking to expand your portfolio of clients?

Well, it’s time to take a step back and look at the fundamentals. This short guide will discuss a few solid tips to help you gain new clients as a financial adviser.

Develop Your Social Skills

Improving social skills is a must because it’s one of those essential soft skills. You don’t need to become an extrovert to have strong social skills or a big talker. It’s all about listening when advising clients.

Get into a habit of allowing the prospect to speak first so you can get a better sense of their predicament. It demonstrates your interest in them if you listen intently and refer to what they say. This is a necessary step in building robust client relationships and offering relevant financial advice.

As a financial adviser, you should feel at ease and not be hesitant to speak with others. An adviser should be secure in their talents in any situation, whether it’s public speaking or a one-to-one chat.

Embrace Financial Technologies

Technology plays a vital role in effective communication, even more so now in today’s COVID environment.

It’s all about bringing in leads by utilizing video conferencing and chat applications. Also, social media can play a significant role along with CRM systems and your website.

To communicate effectively, dedicate time and effort to digital platforms to locate prospects. Once you’ve attracted clients, you should provide them with a platform to access all of their investment information in one location.

In a nutshell, you and your clients should feel at ease with the technology you decide to employ. And technology can also help you find target markets for financial advisors.

Reach Out To Existing Contacts

One obvious place to begin is with individuals you know already. These people will be more inclined to pay attention to what you have to say and believe your business tips.

When it comes to putting a value on the time and effort required to generate leads, acquiring business from people you know is a very cost-effective method.

Of course, pay attention to how you connect. Make sure they’re aware of what you’re presenting, but don’t be pushy. Don’t be overly persistent to the point that your commercial goals appear to take precedence over your family relationships and friendships.

Listen To New Clients

In a world where everyone seems to have something to proclaim, it makes a refreshing change when someone listens more. As a financial adviser that listens to what new clients have to say, you may leave a lasting impression and gain their long-term trust. 

Many thanks for checking out our tips. If you find them helpful, why not take a look at various other informative posts on our blog?

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