How to Find a Sponsor When in Recovery

One of the most important yet unwritten rules in drug and alcohol recovery is finding the right sponsor. Even when you are done with treatment, your journey to maintaining sobriety will still continue. And to help you through this process, it is important to find a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who has been on the recovery journey for longer and can help someone who is trying to stay sober. Sponsors are like mentors who can talk to someone new in the program about their challenges and ask for advice. However, before picking a sponsor, there are some things you will have to consider finding someone that can help you. More info on how to find a sponsor is as listed below.

Choose Someone Willing to be A Sponsor

Just because a person has been sober and in the program for a while does not mean they can automatically be a sponsor. Sponsoring another person is a huge responsibility. You will find that there are people who are doing so well in their sobriety journey, but they are not ready to embrace the idea of being a sponsor. In a 12-step meeting, people who are ready to be sponsors will actually say it or raise their hands when the moderator asks. These are the people you should evaluate and find someone that can be your sponsor.

Factor in How Long Someone Has Been Sober

Ideally, a good sponsor needs to have been sober for not less than a year. This is recommended as it shows that the sponsor has been on a program that promotes sobriety, and they will pass down that program to the sponsee. Someone who just got out of a rehab center cannot sponsor someone new into sobriety. They will not have much to learn from each other. However, someone that has been sober for a year has seen a lot. They will advise you when you face challenges and teach you healthy coping mechanisms when you encounter triggers or are about to relapse.

Attends Meetings

The place to find a sponsor is at an AA meeting. Not on a morning coffee run or at your workplace or in the mall. It is easy to find a sponsor for an AA meeting because it is the place where people share their experiences with alcohol and drugs. This is where you will hear someone talk and deduce whether you would like them to mentor you. So once you are out of a recovery center, hit some meetings. A sponsor ought to be someone serious about their recovery, and the only way you will know that is if you attend meetings.

Check Whether They Are Sponsoring Other People

If someone is sponsoring other people, it means that they are good at what they are doing. Check the number of sponsees first before deciding on the sponsor. Someone sponsoring more than two or three people has enough people on their plate. Remember that you also want someone who will have enough time for you. So choose a sponsor that is not seeing many people.

Factor in Their Sex

Ideally, it is recommended that men sponsor other men and women sponsor women. For most people, speaking to someone of the same sex feels easier, and opening up will not be hard. On top of that, there is little chance of you two developing a romantic relationship. While it is not forbidden to have a sponsor of the opposite sex as you, it is also not advised.

It is completely okay if finding a sponsor takes several tries. Keep in mind that a sponsor was once where you were, and they only wanted to help you succeed. The tips mentioned above can guide you in finding someone to help you stay sober.

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