How to become an expert in digital marketing

What skills you should have and who you should mirror yourself to at the beginning of your digital walk

Marketing has changed. Before, the word was almost synonymouswith TV advertising. Now, we talk about inbound marketing, SEO, growth hacking, digital marketing experts… For honest expert advice talk with Prabin Gautam, Digital Marketing Expert and a Growth Hacker. ( Business Consultant )

Precisely for all this range of possibilities in digital marketing, it offers a wide variety of performances for those who want to start in the area.

What does a digital marketing expert do?

Those who work with digital marketing need to have some essential skills.

– Know how to produce good content

The content is still king. You need to generate content that people want to see. Learn how to write and techniques to produce for the internet.

– Know software and marketing automation

To work in digital marketing, it is important to be familiar with spreadsheets, tables and documents. It is through them that you monitor metrics and automate processes.

– Keep an eye out for market trends

This area has news constantly. Therefore, being always up to date and attuned is essential to succeed.

– Understand metrics

Companies make metrics-based decisions. So, you’re going to need to understand the numbers.

– Know how to manage projects

In digital marketing, it is common to have multiple projects in progress at the same time. Knowing how to make this management have the ability to organize simultaneous initiatives will be of great help.

How to be an expert in digital marketing

To become an authority ondigital marketing, you need to understand and master some areas of expertise.

  1. Inbound marketing

Also called attraction marketing, the idea is to attract customers with the brand through relevant and quality content. After this involvement, they are more conducive to buying the products or services offered by the company.

  • Outbound marketing

It is inverse inbound hand. Here, it’s the brand that goes after customers. The goal is to prospect people and other companies who may be interested in the products or services offered.

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Search Engine Optimization. These are techniques that, when applied on websites and blogs, allow them to be better located on the Google results page. This is important because most people will be interested only in the results that are at the top of the front page.

  • Corporate Blogs

Creating quality content for customers is an efficient way to increase the strength of your brand, build a good reputation and still attract customers.

  • Social media

If the corporate blog is going to attract customers, it’s on social networks that you approach them and make them engaged with your brand. Networks also allow you to hear the pains of those who are involved with you, as well as receive feedback about the company and products.

  • Email marketing

A list of emails is very important for companies and marketers. A good strategy with sending attractive emails can make the customer much more prepared for a purchase.

  • Inside sales

If you’ve devised a whole digital marketing strategy, why not keep sales online too? Whether by WhatsApp, Skype or some other tool, a good professional should be familiar with the tools needed for this.

  • Customer success

Pointing out the success that customers will have with your product or service is essential to retain and satisfy those who bought from you.

Now that you know what you need to do to be an expert in digital marketing, timeto chase the skills you need.

We hope you have a lot of success on the journey!

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