How To Answer Questions And Other Ways To Help You Get The Most Out of LinkedIn

Beyond being a springboard for obtaining employment, the LinkedIn social network has become a tool to strengthen any company’s digital marketing of any company of any size, to promote labor links between professional colleagues, and even train and raise employability by acquiring new skills. Its use is within reach of anybody, but the tremendous competition inside it makes it impossible for most beginners to gain a foothold.

Especially now, when covid-19 has complicated the way of relating in a traditional way in favor of digital methods and, therefore, the number of users of the platform does not stop growing: about 32 million more during this year, reaching 722 million profiles, according to data from Microsoft, owner of the social network since 2016. As entrepreneurs, it is vital to establish a strategy matched to the platform, which is why in recent years, specific consulting companies such as the one you can see if you click here, have been created to highlight the path that businesses should follow to get the most out of it.

Tips to start

Take care of the brand

The most effective pattern to follow is one of clarity and simplicity. The profile will be the first thing that people will see. Thus, it is critical to take good care of the user’s photograph and the banner, which is the rectangular image that appears at the top of the LinkedIn page’s navigation bar. Everything must have an air of professionalism about it. The best part is that these photographs were created just for this network, which is an added bonus. Also important is the description (both personal and business) and contact information, which should be precise and accurate.

Connect with the right people

Before adding contacts, it is vital to specify what you are searching for on LinkedIn. For example, you may want to learn about what is happening in your industry, conduct public relations, hire or be employed, or learn about what is happening in your field. Knowing this will assist the entrepreneur or company identify the most interested users in their products or services.

To locate them, it is advisable to conduct a targeted search using keywords: by economic sector, by location, or even by a specific company name and location. Experts recommend that you use Boolean operators (also known as logical operators) in order to be more effective. According to this search engine, using symbols or words allows you to eliminate results that are of no interest to you.

Answer questions

Knowing how to answer questions on Linkedin proactively helps create your reputation for expertise in a genuine sense. Besides that, you can earn “best responses” in categories unique to your expertise on LinkedIn and in search results by giving an intelligent response. Make your answers smooth and not robotic. If you didn’t promote your business or how fantastic your product is, who cares!? People are more likely to engage with you and value your insights and information if they regard you as an honest and trustworthy source.

Share interesting content

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for advertising products and services. It always considers the fundamentals of social selling and intersperses this type of information of a more commercial nature with news or articles from the industry that pique the interest of potential customers and clients. Make sure you do more than just share the link. It is necessary for you to express an opinion or conduct an analysis on the subject. Look for opportunities for engagement and debate. This will assist you in terms of LinkedIn’s algorithm and increase the number of individuals who see your publication.

Focus publications

Because the network is so extensive, it is essential to remember that not all of the connections share the same interests as one another. Accordingly, focusing publications and improving the professional interaction with them in a more customized manner can be achieved by paying attention to what each one is looking for—for lack of a better expression, segmenting the digital marketing campaign on the platform.

Additionally, LinkedIn facilitates communication with various audiences, ranging from potential shareholders to employees. The latter is critical since, if all employees are present on the platform, it can help to promote team spirit and the company’s overall visibility.


LinkedIn can provide you with a great deal more than you would expect. It is a social network that offers a wealth of resources to develop sound professional partnerships. However, it would help if you were intrigued, delve deep, and put them into action to be successful.

LinkedIn, of course, is a platform that may assist you in developing your personal brand and putting it to work for you in your business strategy. Before you begin, take a moment to consider what you intend to do and what you hope to achieve in the process. If you don’t, the time you spend on it will almost certainly be wasted.

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