How Much Money Do I Need to Build a Basketball Court?

Do you love basketball? You’re not alone!

Recent surveys have shown that about 40% of Americans are fans of professional basketball. About 38% of Americans, meanwhile, are fans of college basketball.

And then, there are those who love playing basketball in addition to watching it. They just can’t get enough of spending time out on the court.

If you fall into this category, you may want to consider building a basketball court of your own. But first, you should find out what the cost to build a basketball court will be.

So, how much does it cost to build a basketball court? Well, it depends on a few factors.

Here are the factors that routinely impact the average cost to build a basketball court.

Indoor or Outdoor Basketball Court?

When you’re first kicking around the idea of building a basketball court of your own, you’ll need to begin by deciding whether you want the court to be inside or outside. The indoor basketball court cost will obviously be much different than the outdoor basketball court cost.

Most people are going to opt for an outdoor court since it’ll be easier to build. But if you have the necessary funds, building an indoor court could be fun. It’ll give you a chance to play basketball whenever you want regardless of the weather.

Materials Used to Make the Basketball Court?

There are lots of different kinds of materials that you can use to build a basketball court. For example, you can create a hardwood floor for your basketball court or you can go with a concrete basketball court.

But as you might imagine, the hardwood basketball court cost will be different than the concrete basketball court cost. So you should try to figure out which kind of court you want in advance.

You should also put some thought into which kinds of basketball goals you might want for your court. This could influence the cost to build a basketball court heavily.

Basketball Court Builder?

You’re probably not going to be building a basketball court on your own. Instead, you’re going to have to hire a company to help you out with it.

There are plenty of companies that can lend a hand. You’ll need to sift through your options to see what each one will charge you to design and put down the best possible basketball court flooring.

It would be a great idea to go with a basketball court builder that has earned a reputation for creating high-quality basketball courts over the years.

Find Out What the Cost to Build a Basketball Court Will Be for You

As you’ve seen here, so many factors can play a part in the cost to build a basketball court. It’s why you should sit down and sketch out your plans for your court before speaking with a builder.

They can shed some light on what a court like the one that you have in mind will cost. It’ll give you an opportunity to decide if you want to move forward with the ideas that you have in your head.

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