How Much Does a Moving Company Cost?

Moving day. It’s a day that you look forward to for new beginnings, but probably not for the labor and stress it brings. This is why so many people happily pass this work along to professional movers that can handle it for them. 

Moving companies account for a $19 billion industry at the moment. This means you’ve got options whenever you’re looking for some pros. 

How much does a moving company cost? What details affect these prices? Keep reading to learn more about hiring a moving company that can assist you. 

How Much Does a Moving Company Cost?

Expect to pay about $1,250 on average for a local move. Full-service movers will generally charge $2,300 and up. The average moving company cost will depend on several different factors that you will need to assess and consider whenever it’s time to bring movers on board for your project. 

Here are some of the main factors that you’ll need to think about:

Browse Some Moving Company Prices

The main thing you need to do is be ready to shop around for prices between different movers. Moving companies charge a variety of prices at their discretion, and the process begins by seeking price quotes. 

Whether you’re moving in-state or planning an out-of-state move, take the time to get these quotes in writing from at least three to five different pros. As you collect these estimates, make sure it’s an itemized list that you fully understand. Getting this estimate will let you know what to expect in terms of hourly labor rates, travel expenses, gas costs, lodging, equipment, and other changes that can come into play during the move. 

The more price quotes that you have in your back pocket, the easier it’ll be for you to shop around for a reasonable moving cost. 

Weigh Short-Distance Versus Long Distance Moving Cost

Without question, you can expect to pay more for your move whenever it’s long distance. Your moving quote will generally have a base price up to a certain number of miles. From there, the mover will charge you extra based on the number of miles your move goes over. 

Research the distance of your move from address to address so that you know what to expect, and then look into different cost quotes from movers that will charge you accordingly. Certain movers will also charge you a fee every time you cross state lines. 

These variables make it even more important to shop around for price quotes from different professionals. Do your homework so that you can find cheap state to state movers that are the best at what they do. 

Vet the Expertise of the Company

Aside from finding out the cost of a moving company, make sure that you’re also getting service from a professional that is skilled at what they do. Knowing that you have years of experience at your disposal will give you peace of mind that things will be handled correctly and quickly with minimal risk of broken or damaged items. 

As you shop for the help of a qualified mover, find out also whether they have received any awards or accolades in their industry that make them stand out from the pack. Check out Consumer Reports, grades with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and other details that let you know the quality of professional that you’re hiring. 

Assess the Difficulty of the Move

The difficulty of your move will also make a huge difference. If you have particularly heavy, difficult, or cumbersome items or circumstances that make the move dangerous, it’s important that you factor this into the cost. 

Moving professionals will add this to your moving cost and let you know what sort of labor or special circumstances must be accounted for. You might even have to find certain moving specialists that will take on the work for you. For instance, people with pianos, heavy equipment, or other belongings may need the help of moving specialists. 

You may also need specialized help if you need to lift heavy items through windows or uphill. 

Ask About Deposits and Timetables

When you hire the help of a mover, it’s also important that you account for any deposits or other special charges. Typically, the deposit accounts for the first few hours of the move and will go toward the final costs. Some movers will charge you the entire estimated cost of the move and require you to keep a credit card on file in the event of any overages or incidentals. 

Many movers also require you to book a certain minimum amount of time for them to take on your move. Lock in the moving price with your professionals as early as possible, since the price will go up the closer you get to the desired date. Expect to also pay more for a move if it is during certain peak seasons, such as parts of the summertime or for college move-outs or move-ins. 

The more in advance you plan your move, the more reasonable and inexpensive the prices you can expect. 

Hire a Helpful Moving Company

These tips will help you when you need to consider moving company cost matters. Plan it out wisely so that you can get quality service while keeping some money in your pocket. 

We’re happy to assist you with other helpful information. Use these points and rely on our other articles to answer questions related to moving and other projects. 

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