How Medical Marijuana Is Helping Treat Veterans With PTSD

How Medical Marijuana Is Helping Treat Veterans With PTSD

Veterans returning from war often have trouble adjusting to life back home. PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a common issue among these veterans. Often they find that traditional treatments for PTSD are ineffective and too expensive. One treatment option, as per online medical marijuana recommendations – DigiDrs, is gaining traction lately, and that is medical marijuana. It is an alternative to pharmaceuticals like Xanax and Prozac, which can be both ineffective and addictive in many cases. This article will explore how medical marijuana can help veterans with PTSD manage their symptoms without the side effects of prescription drugs.

Mood Regulation

Medical marijuana is an effective treatment for people with PTSD. This is due to its ability to regulate moods, especially when these feelings are caused by triggers from their trauma. Medical marijuana may also help users focus on emotions other than just fear.

The relief experienced by those who use medical cannabis for PTSD varies depending on which strain they choose. How it’s consumed – smoked or eaten typically provides a quicker release while vaporizing offers a more gradual onset.

Reduce Anxiety

Medical marijuana also provides relief for anxiety and panic, which are closely related to PTSD symptoms. People with PTSD often have difficulty sleeping through the night, so this herb’s sedative effects may help calm their nerves at bedtime.

A study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that cannabis use was associated with lower levels of anxiety among those who were addicted to alcohol or had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Researchers looked specifically at people from the military returning from war zones. They experienced trauma such as threats on life, violence against them, seeing dead bodies, or witnessing sexual harassment.

Prevent Insomnia

Medical marijuana, especially the Indica variety, can also help with insomnia. It’s likely that this is due to its sedative effects which provide relief for PTSD patients who may have difficulty sleeping through the night without experiencing nightmares and worsening symptoms of PTSD.

Many veterans struggle each day after coming back from war zones where violence was a part of their everyday lives.

Prevent Depression

The use of medical marijuana can also help prevent depression. PTSD patients often find themselves in a negative cycle where they are feeling depressed and anxious.

They experience feelings such as flashbacks, bad memories, emotional numbness, panic attacks, guilt about innocent lives lost during battle, and survivor’s guilt, among other things. All these issues combined can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The mood-regulating effects of cannabis allow these users to break this vicious cycle by helping regulate their feelings before they spiral out of control into an episode.

Best Medical Marijuana Delivery Methods For PTSD Patients


One of the best ways to deliver medical cannabis is through vaporizing. This process involves heating marijuana up until it turns into a hot mist and then inhaling that steam, which provides instant relief for PTSD patients who experience anxiety attacks or flashbacks. Vaping helps regulate moods by providing relief from both depression and anxiety without adding any side-effects such as liver damage like alcohol does nor addiction potential as prescription drugs do.


 Another effective way to consume medical marijuana for PTSD patients is by smoking the herb. This method provides relief from feelings of guilt and anger as well as anxiety attacks, all common symptoms among veterans with PTSD.

 Smoking allows users to feel a quick release of their emotions in order to help them move past that trigger without feeling overwhelmed or anxious about it happening again later on.


Medical marijuana can also be taken orally in the form of a tincture. This means that users are able to consume their medicine without having to smoke it. It also prevents any PTSD triggers associated with fire or guns, which many veterans may find scary given the trauma they have experienced in war zones overseas.


Another way to get medical marijuana without smoking it is by eating edibles. This method works best for veterans with PTSD who are looking for relief from the symptoms of their disorder but don’t want any smoke near them or in their homes, which can trigger flashbacks and anxiety attacks.

This herb’s sedative effects may be helpful in calming these patients at bedtime and regulate mood swings that come up throughout the day.

Medical marijuana for PTSD patients is an effective alternative to the prescription drugs that often come with many side effects. It has proven its ability to support those who have experienced trauma from wars while coming home from battle zones. more information visit order xanax 1mg tablets usa

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