How Do You Cross-Platform Develop Your Application

No matter what age category, gender or nationality you belong to, you probably use a mobile phone. Exceptions only prove the rule. And if you have a mobile phone, then you are using applications for entertainment, work, education. Our offshore web design company will tell you everything about this.

What are the advantages of native apps

They are meant to unleash the potential of a mobile device. Their essence is that they are created for certain platforms. This means that application developers can provide efficient software integration with device functions. Access to functions is necessary when working with information such as geographic location, gestures.

Display control and aspect ratio

Using native speech will give you more freedom when optimizing your screen. A large selection of gadgets in size and proportion is pleasantly surprising. Devices with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 can be used. Frameless devices are in demand. Manufacturing companies are constantly improving products in terms of displays. Therefore, for business it is necessary to use applications that will display correctly.


Where are you looking for the apps you want to download? Surely do it at the platform store. Apps that support users’ native languages ​​are likely to be in demand. This greatly simplifies the process of market promotion by marketers. Because users know exactly where to look for it. From a security point of view, it is better to download applications from official sites.

No internet connection required

Since native apps are installed directly on the device, they can access data offline. Web applications or platforms require a constant network connection and are speed dependent. The offline capability makes these applications ideal when viewed from a game development perspective.


Native apps won’t be able to run as fast as native apps. And modern users are very demanding. If the response is delayed for just a second, it can negatively affect the popularity.

What are the advantages of developing applications on cross-platforms

Reusable codebase

There is no need to write many different applications, from now on, mobile application developers already use the same code when working on all platforms. Writing a native mobile app allows specific technologies to be used for a new piece of code. But if there is a desire to implement that very function on a different platform, you can use the necessary technology stack, which differs from the previous one a little more than completely. Such complications are not typical for cross-platform applications. In the development process, you can use functions for a specific platform, and it will be relevant for all operating systems and devices. You can reuse the codebase.

Economic expediency

It is very beneficial to use the same codebase when developing applications on multiple platforms. Large sums are not needed to implement the idea of ​​cross-platform applications, since a separate team for each mobile OS is not required.

Reach audience

Such applications are used on several platforms. Therefore, businesses that use them grow their user base much faster. This is important for small businesses, as it will save you serious money and get the opportunity to reach a wide audience.

UI are identical to UX

The efficiency of the application is very important. But its appearance is also important, what emotions it evokes in users. Saving UI and UX data for native apps is tricky because different teams are involved in creating them. Using the same codebase allows applications to maintain the same look and feel.

Thus, you were able to make sure that there are no universal solutions, since each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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