How Do I Choose the Best Pest Control Company in My Local Area?

Pests are a problem that plague homes from coast to coast. It’s not just a handful of homes, either. Across the nation, nearly 15 million homes had rodent problems in 2020. Cockroaches were a problem in around 14 million homes.

The reality is that pests can become a problem in almost any home. It only takes leaving food out a few times to attract ants or rodents. Pests of all stripes look for ways into structures once the weather turns cold.

With such a pervasive problem, you’ll likely need help from the best pest control company you can find sooner or later. So, how do you find a top-shelf, local pest control company? Keep reading for our quick guide.


While small towns may only have one or two options, you might find dozens of professional pest control services in a major urban area. Doing the legwork on all of those companies is a major time investment. You can often cut that list down to a more manageable number by asking for recommendations. Drake Lawn & Pest Control explains that often, the responsibility for pest control of a rental property lies on the landlord.

There is a good chance that some friends or even a local small business owner employed a pest control company, such as, that left them happy.


A smart homeowner doesn’t want just anyone wandering through their home. Use your list of recommendations to check reviews on the local pest control companies people recommended. Keep an eye out for crucial topics like customer service and how well they resolved the problem for other homeowners.


Most state or local governments impose fairly stringent rules about who can apply pesticides in and around a home. In fact, it typically requires a license. The best pest control company for your home is one with licensed technicians on the staff.

When in doubt, look for a pesticide regulatory agency or office where you can check the license status of a company or its employees.


How long ago did the company open. A company with 5 or 10 years in business probably has all of its ducks in a row in terms of licenses and customer service.

If it’s a newer company, look for information on the company owners on the about page of their website. Did they work in pest control before they opened the business?


Since pest removal services deal with potentially dangerous substances, they must carry insurance. At a minimum, they need general liability insurance and should be able to provide proof of it on request.

Getting the Best Pest Control Company

In a very real way, the best pest control company for you is the one that can do the job you need while still ticking all the boxes. In some cases, a company specializes in one kind of pest, such as termites. If you need help with termites, they’re the right pick.

If you need more general help with pests, do your legwork. Make sure the company is licensed and insured. Look for one with experience and good reviews.

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