What comes immediately to mind when you hear the term “copy trading”? Or have you asked, “What is copy trading in Forex?”. Copy Trading allows your trading account to replicate all of our deals. Your investment will be combined with our account’s balance and applied to all of our trades. Our transactions are visible in your account. Based on your investment ratio, you will receive the precise profit that we will receive from our work. liquidity provider blockchain Through the use of copier software, your account will be linked to ours. Furthermore, your account should be active 24 hours a day via a VPS.

Copy trading is a form of social trading in which another trader’s account replicates one trader’s open and closed positions. This can be done in two ways: automatically or manually, and it is entirely up to the individual to decide how they want to go about copy trading.


Copy-trading relies on social networks and social trading systems to function. When one trader opens a position, they can broadcast it to other traders on the web, who can then determine whether or not they wish to extend the same situation – or whether their automated trading systems can do so without the trader’s input. The copying trader usually retains the power to disconnect and handle cloned deals. They can even terminate the copy connection entirely, closing all copied positions at market price. Investors, also known as leaders or signal providers, are frequently compensated by flat monthly subscription fees from people who want to mimic their moves. Instead of trading discreetly, the compensation programs encourage traders to allow others to monitor and imitate their actions. Unlike social trading, copy trading focuses on the deals of other traders rather than the advice. In other words, copy trading allows you to duplicate the actions of other traders. You must replicate a trader utilizing the automated mechanism offered by the platform for the practice to be deemed copy trading rather than social trading.


You should know that copy trading is not illegal. When you utilize a regulated broker, it’s legal in most countries such as USA, Turkey, and Belgium. Copy-trading is prohibited in Malaysia. Make sure that forex or crypto trading is legal in your country, even for retail investors, before you start trading.


Marketing works in copy trading in 4 ways. The first is by understanding the concept behind the trading strategy. When you know the idea behind a system, you’ll see why it makes money which helps you stick to it. Next is knowing the person you’re copying from. Some firms get funded not because they have a good product or idea in the venture capital world. Instead, they get supported because of who’s running the company. The third is by diversifying your masters. If anyone promises you that you can make money every day, week, or month—run far away. That’s because no trading strategy works all the time as market conditions are constantly changing. And lastly, finding masters who have a stake in it. Because the owner has more at stake, in other words, he’ll likely do the right things as he doesn’t want to jeopardize his investment—which is aligned with the interests of the shareholders as well.


Here are the steps on How to Get Started With Copy Trading in four easy steps, according to JustForex: The first step is to create a trading account or log in to JustForex. The second step is to open the Copy Trading tab. The next one gets to choose a trader, and at this final step, you can begin your copy trading journey.


Some factors interfere with copy trading, including incorrect settings, diversification is lacking, inadequate due diligence, risk in the market, offshore threats, brokerage selection, risks of a signal trader, and technological hazards.

Since copy trading has been the most intuitive way, it takes some time to master it: copying trade while learning the basics of the market and with the trader whose signals you are imitating. When you visit JustForex, you always know that the “authorized” trader is the trader we investigated and are sure their signals are successful. You can set the number of transactions, direct or reverse copying, time frames for copying, and disable copying at any stage and bring deals.  When you go to the copy trading tool, you only get statistics from the trader himself. You never know; perhaps they were merely lucky to profit because the market was bullish at the time, and you have no other proof than an expert’s words when they claim to have several years of trading experience.

According to Justforex, they listed five benefits on how to copy successful forex traders works:

First is you don’t require a broad understanding of market concepts and intricacies. Successful traders can be copied to gain this expertise with minimal risk. Otherwise, terrible business decisions and bankruptcy are almost inevitable. Second, this is a significant bonus for lowering dangers. Because a trader can optimize profits and learn more about the road to success in this manner. Third, there is an automated method for copy trading that can save you a lot of time. Transactions will be completed as swiftly and efficiently as feasible as a result of this. Next is, Statistics available. It is critical information for risk management. Before cooperating with a trader, the user can view data and study the characteristics of his activity. And lastly, you can limit your losses via copy trading. If a trader fails to satisfy the client’s expectations and the investment does not yield a profit, the client might choose another trader with whom to cooperate.

JustForexJustForexrd-winning online trading tool allows traders to duplicate trades and technical analysis right into their charts. Our spread betting chart forum is a social space where traders of all levels of experience exchange their knowledge, ideas, and techniques for making the most excellent bets. You can leave comments on other traders’ articles, utilize drawing tools to explain and answer questions and save your analysis as you go so you can come back to it later. With over 17 million clients on its books, JustForex is now one of the top forex brokers in the online space. The key selling point of JustForex is how simple the program is to use. And, of course, the platform enables you to trade forex without having to pay any commissions. Instead, the spread is how this top-rated forex trading platform makes money. JustForex offers over 50 different forex pairs to choose from. It includes many primary and minor currencies and exotic coins such as the South African rand and the Hungarian forint. JustForex allows you to trade all supported currency pairs with leverage, with most users having access to 1:30 on majors and 1:20 on minors and exotics.


JustForex provides copy trading and tells you a lot about copy trading stocks, which allows you to diversify your portfolio by investing in markets that you are unfamiliar with but wish to learn about. You can benefit from another trader’s knowledge or take advantage of seasonal tendencies that you wouldn’t usually see as a potential opportunity via copy trading. One of the most valuable things you may have is a Forex trade copier. You may make the most of your time by copy trading and basing your selections on those of traders with a proven track record.


Do you know that the five best copy trading brokers are: JustForex – A best overall platform for copy trading and helps you become one of the best copy traders. Next is eToro – One of the most used platforms for copy trading. You were followed by AvaTrade – MetaTrader suite, ZuluTrade, and DupliTrade. Next is Pepperstone – also a MetaTrader and cTrader platform suites. Lastly is Vantage FX – A MetaTrader, ZuluTrade, DupliTrade, and Myfxbook.


Remember that Forex copy trading is a popular approach since market swings are typically tiny but frequent, necessitating persistent monitoring. In forex, copy trading means that a trader can duplicate another trader’s positions instead of monitoring the fast-moving forex markets. Copy-trading relies on copy trading systems to function. When one trader opens apart, they can broadcast it to other traders on the network, who can then determine whether or not they wish to extend the same position – or whether their automated trading systems can do so without the trader’s input. 

It gives a high level of safety and protection for your funds with JustForex. If you’re seeking the most user-friendly copy trading platform that’s also one of the safest and most extensive in the market, JustForex is the place to go. The fact that the platform is entirely web-based and mobile-friendly was highly appealing to us. It allows you to participate in expert-led groups and discussions. It enables you to learn about trading while imitating successful traders, also regarded as a top social trading platform.

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