How Can Attorneys Help In Car Accident Claims In Sacramento CA?

Unfortunately, car accidents are common in Sacramento CA. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car crashes are the leading cause of death among American teenagers.

California holds definite laws about what teens drive and what they can do while driving. Teenagers have different rules than other drivers, including who they can ride with and when. To obtain a driver’s license, a parent or guardian must sign the youth to comply with all rules and legislation. You must also pass a vision exam, traffic rules, and sign tests, and complete a driver training course.

Laws for teenage drivers in California

In Sacramento, youth under 18 must obey the following rules while driving:

  • To transport passengers under 20, they ought to be followed always by a parent, guardian, or licensed driver over 25 years old for the first 12 months.  
  • Provisional license holders must be accompanied by an adult when driving between 11 pm and 5 am 
  • They cannot work as drivers.

There are a few peculiarities to these rules. For example, the law allows a young to drive or to transport someone unsupervised if sufficient transport is not available or an emergency occurs. 

Teenagers may drive under these circumstances:

  • With medical requirements and a note signed by the doctor. 
  • A school-approved event signed by a school official. 
  • A note signed by the employer confirming the terms of employment for employees. 
  • With a note signed by a parent or legal guardian for transportation to the nearest family member when no other transportation is available.

What if a teenager drives with another teenager in Sacramento?

A teenager under 18 may drive with another teenager only if an adult is in the vehicle or has a full “adult” driver’s license from the state without restrictions. A teenager who violates this law will lose his/her license for a while. This situation can be further entangled when a teenager breaks the law and has a car accident that injures others. In these cases, it is important for anyone injured by a teenage driver to consult a personal injury attorney.

Sacramento car accident attorneys can help victims recover damage through legal action against drivers, parents, insurance companies, and others who may be responsible for car accidents. In this regard, Demas Law Group, P.C., can help you hold teenage drivers, their parents, and their insurance liable for personal injury and property damage. So, if you’ve been in an unfortunate accident, don’t forget to hire a car accident attorney.

How can your attorney help you?  

An experienced car accident attorney can represent your rights and interests properly because they know the law. They use their experience and knowledge to help you file lawsuits and seek justice and fair compensation. 

An authorized attorney is capable of offering the following duties:

Deal with the Insurance Companies

Hire an attorney to work with the claims adjuster to reduce the chance of your application being misinterpreted.

Incident Investigation and Evidence Collection

A good car accident attorney understands the importance of gathering appropriate confidential evidence to prove what and how it happened, and whose fault it was.

Communication and Negotiation with Other Parties

If the insurance company imposes a security deposit on your claim, an attorney can work with bondholders to reduce the deposit to maximize your recovery.

Calculate Future Medical Expenses

A professional attorney can help you by calculating specific itemized costs including:

  • loss of wages
  • material damage
  • current medical expenses
  • pain and suffering

File a Lawsuit and Prove Liabilities in Court

Your attorney will prepare the essential documents to file your case and he will communicate with the claims attorney to resolve your claim throughout the litigation process.

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