How a Catcher’s Mitt Is Different From a Baseball Glove

The National Sporting Goods Association states that the number of US citizens who play baseball exceeds 26 million.

Baseball—America’s pastime and summertime obsession—has a long, rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century. To play America’s favorite pastime, you’ll need the right equipment, including gloves to catch pitches, even if you’re not on the mound.

Read on to learn how the catcher’s mitt is different and how these differences translate to make it a distinctive piece of gear on the baseball field.

What Is a Catcher’s Mitt?

A catcher’s mitt differs from a baseball glove in a few ways. Catcher’s mitts are more extensive to help them better manage the ball. They also have extra padding to protect the hand from the hard hits of the ball.

Additionally, the webbing on a catcher’s mitt differs from that on a baseball glove. The webbing on a catcher’s mitt is designed to be more durable to withstand the wear and tear of catching the ball.

Catcher’s mitts have a smaller pocket than baseball gloves. The bag on a baseball mitt needs to be shallow to help the catcher remove the ball from the mitt.

How to Buy the Right Baseball Glove

Know that there are several types of baseball gloves when you are planning to purchase one. When choosing a baseball glove, you must consider the position you will be playing. If you are a catcher, you will need a catcher’s glove. You will need a baseball glove if you are an infielder or outfield.

There is a specific glove for different positions and the benefits that they offer would also differ from one another. 3rd base gloves enable a player to have a much better infield cover, as they can also prevent baseline drives efficiently.

Finding the Right Fit

The catcher’s mitts are measured by their circumference. When finding the perfect fit, it would be best if you could get the help of an expert. Shops that sell sporting goods can assist you in knowing what size would be best for the size of your hands.

Players aging 12 and below would usually have a fit of 32″ in their mitt or more. Those aged 13 and above should get a 32.5″ or more for their catcher’s mitt.

Choosing the Right Leather

When choosing a catcher’s mitt, selecting one made from high-quality leather is crucial. It will ensure that the mitt is durable and can withstand the rigors of the game.

Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable but also the heaviest. Top grain leather is lighter and more flexible, making it easier to break in. Synthetic leather is the most lightweight and affordable option, but it is not as durable as the other two types.

Use the Right Baseball Equipment

A catcher’s mitt differs from a baseball glove in a few ways. The catcher’s mitt is more extensive and has extra padding to protect the hand. The webbing on a catcher’s mitt is also tighter so that the ball doesn’t pop out. 

If you’re looking for a new baseball glove, ensure you get the right one for your position. Catcher’s mitts are great for those who play catcher, but if you play any other role, you’ll want a regular baseball glove.

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