How a better presence on LinkedIn helps start-ups and businesses to thrive

According to 2018 research reports, LinkedIn is the most popular with college students.  More than 50 % of college graduates in the US are LinkedIn users. The statistics become interesting when one sees that nearly 44% of the users take home a salary of $75,000+ annually. With a global user of more than 740 million across 200 countries, LinkedIn has become the most sought-after social media networking platform today. This platform not only has individual professional job seekers but also 55 million registered companies on this platform.  Add to this, are the venture capital firms that bring together a mind boggling partnership between the three entities to create a powerful medium for hiring, job creation, start-up funds and B2B   opportunities. That is why a lot of people opt to buy linkedin followers as well along with gaining organic ones through various sources. This following enhances one’s outreach and online presence.

Importance of a good Business social profile

Whether it is individuals or companies or entrepreneurs looking for seed capital for their next big idea, it is important to understand that founders need to have value in them for Venture capital (VC) firms to show some interest and join their network.  VC firms usually conduct reference background checks, and it is crucial for the entrepreneurs to have a good and reliable following. The followers do not happen overnight and it takes considerable time to develop them through   plenty of positive engagements with posts, videos, business ideas etc.

Entrepreneurs should be able to attract  followers that include mentors and influencers as it helps them broaden their horizon through active engagements. LinkedIn influencers and marketers also help aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking mentorship by allowing growth of followers through organic process or buy LinkedIn followers for initial traction.

An effective platform for B2B business

LinkedIn is a game changer when it comes to B2B business.  For nearly 41 % of  B2B marketers, LinkedIn platform is more important than Facebook for social media marketing.  In addition to this, business owners and entrepreneurs find this platform more appealing with 62 % reportedly using this platform and another 20 % hoping to join soon.

LinkedIn is an effective platform for variety of reasons such as:

Ø  It is effective for product launches as it provides news and information to marketers, bloggers, influencers and consumers. Among B2B businesses, LinkedIn is the number one platform.

Ø  It is effective for lead generation and the referral traffic has the highest lead to conversion rate, higher than Facebook and Twitter. Lead conversion rate is 2.74% compared to 0.77% and 0.69% on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

Ø  A well optimized LinkedIn profile   increases the chance of ranking in Google search enabling increased brand visibility and growth in followers.

Ø  In LinkedIn there is no scope of filtered feeds like Facebook. When one posts an update, it appears on the follower’s feed. The more followers one has, more will be the visibility as one has an unfiltered captive audience.  If there is further share on other social media platforms, then the content easily gets viral.

ConclusionIt   is   not that every content posted on LinkedIn will be seen by the followers. Therefore, it is important that to have a wide outreach one needs to have regular posts every month which statistics reveal reaches only about 60% of the followers. In order to ensure more engagement, businesses should ideally take the expert services of social media marketers like SocialWick to ensure maximum audience engagement.

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