Here’s how to buy the most attractive and durable carpet runners and rugs for your hallway

Hallway runners are pretty long and are rectangular in shape. You can place them in areas that see heavy traffic. In addition to protecting your flooring from exhaustion, these runners also make a considerable impact on the design of a narrow space. You can follow a few tips to find a desirable, dirt-resistant, and welcoming rug.

  • It all begins with measuring the space. You should always match your runners to your hallways’ shape, but they also come in a variety of widths and lengths.
  • A standard carpet runner is 2-3 feet wide. It can also be 6-14 feet long.
  • Ideally, your carpet runner must have 4-5 flooring inches on each side, which is similar to hedging.
  • You need to flush the runner with doorways. If your hallway is short, an accent rug would do it for you.

You need to select a carpet runner style and pattern. Determine the style that accentuates the flooring, architecture, or adjacent décor of the space. A country-style runner can complement your nice cottage and welcome your guests. If your hallway has modern tile work, a contemporary rug would be apt.

The customizations you want

A carpet runner for the hallway is mostly a blend material. The size is normally 1*6-1*9m. The synthetic fiber material complements the runner item shape. These carpet runners have a low pile height. The usual weight is around 1200-1400 grams. You can only dry clean these products, which involves handwashing and vacuuming.

  • These hallway runners have great anti-slip components. They are friendly to children and pets. The seaming technique is delicate and you can easily cut the piece.
  • The same applies to kitchen runners. Follow the maintenance instructions in the manufacturer’s manual. Regularly absorb the kitchen runner’s dust.
  • Clean it partially with water and soap, and rotate the runner occasionally for balancing fatigue.
  • You can customize the size of the carpet runner. If you have a different size of floor slide or if it doesn’t match with your runner, you can always email the carpet side’s length and width to the manufacturer.
  • These runners aren’t bleachable. The soft fabric can contact your skin, but it ensures consistent water absorption.

Shortlisting the materials

Choose a strong and durable material for your carpet runner. Authentic wool is hardwearing, flame-resistant, and soft. Wool fibers can withstand heavy foot traffic. A wool carpet runner is perfect for entryways and hallways. The sole pitfall is their stain resistance isn’t as strong as vintage rugs .

  • Polypropylene is another prominent material. The heat-set one is soft and stain-resistant. The hard-wearing quality is just like wool and is ideal for high traffic areas of your home.
  • Sisal or jute is another fine fiber for outdoor spaces and high-traffic spaces. They are outdoorsy and look natural. They bring an organic and natural feel to your entryway and hallway.
  • Most people buying them online prefer sisal or jute runners because they are perfect for entrances and hallways.

However, there could be one downside to this material. Jute/sisal tend to be a little rough on the surface.

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