Helpful Tips for World of Warcraft Beginners

Now there are guides for absolutely everything. Guides for Classic, various guides for the Eternal Palace in Mythic mode, which is just beginning to be stormed. But I have not seen good guides for beginners. For those players who returned to the game after a long break, or still decided to join our gaming community. The game has a rather long leveling mode, for example, to get the WoW mythic carry, you can use the СakeBoost service. Also Read What is dot world of warcraft.

Game servers

At this point, you need to approach with special attention. If you’re going for raids on Mythic difficulty, or if your dream is to trade briskly on the Auction House, then you should find a densely populated server. In all other respects, it doesn’t matter which server you play on, as there is a cross server everywhere. You also need to remember that all game servers now have a cross-faction auction. If you want to choose the most populated servers, then for the Alliance your path should lie on Gordunni (there are also many Far Eastern and Siberian guilds on Gordunni), for the Horde it is Soul Flayer and Howling Fjord. If you are from the Far East or Siberia, but your heart is entirely with the Horde, then Ashenvale can be recommended.


Communities are the same guilds in which players, depending on the faction, gather according to their interests. But no longer within the framework of one server, all game servers are covered, including servers of other language groups.

War Mode

Now all game servers are marked as PvE by default. This is done so that the players themselves can decide whether to fight in the open world or not. You can turn on warrior mode in the main cities (such as Stormwind and Orgrimmar), but you can turn it off absolutely anywhere where there is a rest effect, usually not far from various taverns. PvE and PvP players do not intersect anywhere except for these very capitals or places of sanctuaries (those places where battles are impossible, for example, Dalaran or Shattrath City). This can lead to some confusion for players who, for example, came to help summon or joined a group, but do not see their comrades. Don’t worry, as soon as you enter a dungeon or raid, you will all be in the same phase.

Cross server system

Since we are talking about game servers, we need to mention the cross-server system. Moving between servers is pretty easy if you know how it works. To begin with, I would like to note that turning the war mode on or off takes you to different layers, which may have more or less players or groups. Remember, your home server is always a priority, and if there is a shortage of players in the location, then people from other servers are thrown into it. Moving between servers occurs only if you joined a group whose leader was in the same location as you. If you open the Miscellaneous tab in Preassembled groups, it is not always clear whether the leader has warrior mode enabled or not. Sometimes the inscription PvP appears on the groups, which signals this, but often for unknown reasons the inscription is on PvE, and the leader with the war mode turned on will still throw you to another server. You will not find your party mates and the item you are looking for (for example, a rare monster) there.

Pre-assembled groups

To start working with this system, click on І (by default) and select the pre-assembled groups section. On the official server, Russian servers are part of European ones. This means that you have access to the full range of groups in all languages. You can connect them directly in the interface menu of pre-assembled groups. The more languages ​​you select (it is recommended to select all), the more groups you will see. Also note that there are Dungeons and Raids and PvP tabs at the bottom.

Mythic dungeons with a key

These are in fact the same dungeons that you went through, only more difficult. And the higher the level of the key, the more difficult it becomes. There are also various modifiers that complicate the passage.

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