Foundation Makeup Set for ‘IT’ girls

Are you an IT girl? It’s just too obvious! You just don’t know it yourself yet because you clearly haven’t shown off your bold, sassy style yet! So if you’re confused about how to start and you’re looking for a start point, we’re here to help you out. 

The starting point to transforming your style is always through makeup. It’s a simple way to transform your look from simple, boring to dazzling, eye-catching. But of course, makeup is a vast subject. Makeup is layered, and you need to start at a point to understand the very basics. In the holy grail of skin care, foundation makeup is the start point. Foundation is the base of your makeup, and you can build any look around that. 

Now, three main products enhance your foundation, and you simply need to have them in your routine! 

  • Primer. A primer is the base of your makeup. A primer makes your makeup last longer because an IT girl won’t have her makeup running down her face! Primer is a hybrid between makeup and skincare. So it moisturises your skin while creating a barrier between your skin and makeup. As a result, your foundation gets absorbed into your pores. Primer helps smooth the surface of your skin. It minimises the pores allowing your makeup to sit on your skin beautifully. 
  • Concealers: A concealer is a must-have in your makeup kit. Concealers are used to hide the marks and spots on your face along with dark circles. You can also use concealers of different shades to add depth to your face by using them to contour and brighten. Their creamy formulas make them easy to use and blend! 
  • Setting powder and sprays: Setting powders, translucent powders, and setting sprays are used to keep your base makeup in place. These generally mattify the creamy effect of concealers and foundation while adding a bit of glow to your face. You don’t have to use all of them, just one of them is enough! 

Types of Foundation and how to apply them 

Before applying foundation, you must remember to moisturise and prime your skin. Then, wait for a few minutes to allow the primer to set. There are mainly three types of foundation. And they all have different techniques of application.

Liquid Foundation is the type of foundation most commonly used and recommended for all skin types. However, you’ll find that using a sponge to apply this type of foundation is better than using a brush. Here’s how to apply this type of foundation. 

  • Use some water or your setting spray to dampen your sponge. After that, take some foundation on the back of your hand.
  • Use the broader end of your sponge to pick up a little bit of the foundation and start applying it to the centre of your face. 
  • Make sure you blend out the foundation well, use a stippling or bouncing motion. For your nose or under your eyes, use the narrower end of the sponge.

Loose/Mineral Powder Foundations. This type of foundation is usually best for people with a combination of oily skin. They are also beneficial if you have acne or sensitive skin since they typically contain extremely mild ingredients which won’t trigger your acne. Use a brush for this type of foundation. It’s the most accessible tool to use, according to professionals! 

  • Put some foundation from the jar onto the lid and swirl your brush around in it.
  • Take very little because you need very little. You can tap off the excess, and it’s pretty easy to use more if you need. 
  • Use your brush to apply the foundation to apply the product onto the larger areas of your face first. 
  • Use circular motions to buff the product into your skin. Concentrate on one area first to make sure it’s completely blended in. Next, swirl the brush around your hairline or jawline to ensure there aren’t any sharp demarcations. 
  • If you need extra coverage in any area, you can always use more products to increase the coverage!

Pressed Powder Foundations are very similar to loose powder foundations. They are meant for normal to dry skin types. Loose powder is better for oily skin and helps set the foundation better. 

Also, want to know a secret that a fashionista knows? Use a patting motion to compact powder, wherein use a buffing method to use loose powder. 

Other Makeup Products to Add to your Kit

Here is a list of all the essentials that are a must-have in a makeup set for girls

  • Eyeshadow: Eyeshadows are pigmented powders used to decorate the eyes. While buying an eyeshadow palette, make sure that it has diverse shades from basic nudes to a few pinks and funky shades and basic smoky shades, including black and brown.
  • Eyeliner, Kajal, and Mascara: Applying Eyeliners, Kajals, and mascaras can bring out your eye makeup. These are available in several colours. But to start with, adding black, blue, green, and white is the best choice. These colours go with almost any makeup or outfit.
  • Blush: Blushes are pigmented powders that give a flushed look to our cheeks. The most basic colours to have in your blush palette are pink, peach, and plum. These colours can easily go with any makeup combination.
  • Highlighter: Highlighter is shimmery powders used to highlight the high rising areas of your face. The two basic shades are golden and pearl. Highlighters are used on the T-zone and the upper cheekbones of the face.
  • Powder Contour: Powdered contours give your face a more defined look. Contouring is done in the shadow region of the face. Subtle contouring takes some practice. 
  • Lipsticks: Having a good collection of lipsticks is very important. According to current trends, the basic shades needed include red, brown, pink, and nudes. In addition, lipsticks can make your whole makeup look different. Thus having the correct shades is very important.

So with these quick hacks, hone the inner IT girl. We can’t wait to see your real personality show when you strut down the streets, turning heads with your stunning style.

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