Foolproof Places to Find Extra Storage Space At Home

We all like decorating our space, but there comes a time where you run out of room to put anything. As much as ornaments look pretty, they look messy when cluttered. It’s a good idea to put anything you’re not using into storage, but you need to be clever about storing and adequately utilizing space at home as you need to know what goes where.

Before you know it, your house is neat with all your precious items with you. Storage varies from small items to larger ones. Once you separate your items, you need to put them in sensible spaces. Here are some areas you should look at it while you store:

  • Check Under Your Bed

The beds usually have room under the bed frame. If you don’t have a bed with storage drawers attached, you can create some on your own. Visit your nearest Home Depot and get rectangular baskets that you can slide under your bed. These baskets are optimum for storing out-of-season clothing or bed sheets and bedspreads. Since you’ll be folding clothing, you’ll get ample space to store enough. The size of the bed frame will determine the size of the baskets. If you have a king-sized bed, you can squeeze in enough baskets. Make sure you measure before purchasing anything.

  • Rent A Storage Unit

When you have a storage unit on standby, you can make most of all your spaces. Storage units can also hold essential documents for you, including birth certificates, passports, or maybe a folder of legal documents. These facilities can hold on to pretty much anything without you worrying about it.

There are storage facilities available in different states. These facilities can be located within your city and, in some cases, near you. Suppose you live in sunny Texas, and your residence happens to be in McKinney, you can use Google to help you find a storage space. Look up keywords such as ‘storage mckinney tx near me,’ and you will get relevant results.

  • Shift-It To Your Backyard

Backyards are pretty handy, as you can quickly put up a small shed and use it to store various possessions. If you have seasonal decor lying around or boxes of photos, shift them to your backyard. However, before you do that, inspect your shed first. There is a chance that the structure is too old and may have mold. You may even have rotten wood on the inside. It would be helpful if you get the frame repaired first. The expense is not that significant, and you won’t lose track of your budget. It’s also a good idea since you’ll save your possessions from getting ruined once you make the shift. DIY shed projects are available online, so you may want to check them out and create your shed.

  • Use Staircases

If you have a staircase with a stair wall, you can convert it into a storage unit. The staircase steps can get hollowed underneath. You can quickly transform each step into a storage unit and put multiple items. The stair wall shouldn’t go ignored either, as you can always build a shelf, a closet, or even out in a set of drawers. You can explore your creative side and make a perfect storage space for yourself. These spaces are nifty and allow you to hold a surplus of items from your house.

  • The Doors

You don’t have to transform every door into a storage unit but can utilize any space available. Doors that lead to storage or the bathroom are great for storage. All you need is hooks or slim shelves to help you do your job. When the hooks are in place, you need organizer units to fall in the back. These units have small compartments and shelves excellent for storing smaller items. In your bathroom, you can use your organizer unit to store bathroom utilities. You can even use the back door of your closet to store scarves and belts. Make sure you don’t get carried away with the storage. Too much weight can weigh down on the hooks, and they will damage the door.

  • Bring Home Containers

You don’t need to go to a fancy store to get good items. Thrift stores and flea markets are equally good. You may even find better and more innovative products than conventional stores. There are vintage tables you can use, treasure chests made into storage, or even drawers. These vintage tables can become bedside tables, a space for books, or even a space to hold jewelry. How you use these furniture pieces is on you. But, if you’re looking for a great find and classy decor, then invest in these items. You can also use empty crates as shelving compartments and paint on them to put your trinkets.

  • Use The Walls

Walls can become an excellent storage utility. If you have numerous empty walls around your house, consider making them into storage space. Some contractors can easily convert empty walls into shelving units. You can even get a closet made or insert a vertical storage board. You can store your tools on a vertical board and use it to store items in your garage or shed. You can shift all your decor onto the wall shelf or use it to store your items. Don’t be shy about making your space functional. If you don’t want to utilize all your shelving units, keep some for paintings.

  • Do DIY Projects

There is so much you can do by yourself. All you need is the right set of tools. DIY projects are easy to do and won’t cost you furniture. Keep in mind if you take on a project, make sure you can handle it. Don’t try anything that requires structurally changing your house. You can knock over a beam or even damage your property. Think low-key projects like building a small drawer or making an accessible storage space. Heavier projects that require power tools and even space fixing should be for professionals. You don’t want to end up doing more damage than good. You can find DIY projects on YouTube or through the search engine. Some project creators even have subscription packages that you can purchase to get tools for your project.

Wrap Up

Your house has many spots that you can use for storage. Storage is essential for everyone. It allows you to keep your possessions neatly and use them when necessary. The basement or attic is not enough for storing, so your house can help you out. All you need to do is be smart about the space around you. You can get shelving units made. Get yourself down to a thrift store or use the back of your doors. You can also create makeshift drawers for your bed and slide your clothes in. You can also make use of your backyard and construct a shed. So, with these tips in mind, you should have no trouble creating your storage.

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