Flamboyant outdoor lighting trends for 2022

Outdoor spaces have been in the spotlight for a while now, and despite being one of the hottest talked about areas in the design scene, there’s no end to the lighting trends that keep surfacing now and then. Until a few years ago, there was a limitation in the lighting designs you could go for your outdoor spaces, but now the limit is literally your imagination as you can get anything and everything to grace your space with its presence. 

Apart from the innumerable options being an advantage, you have multiple other advantages that should compel you to focus on your home’s exterior lighting. Not only will your home leave all your friends and family in a state of awe, but it will also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. And even if it’s not the enhanced aesthetic value that you’re looking at, then the accentuated safety in all your nighttime hangouts and the security that it offers will definitely be something to look forward to. Now, sit back and take a look at the most convenient and the plushest outdoor lighting trends for 2022. 

1. Start with your outdoor deck/living room/lounge 

The whole point of outdoor lighting is to cosy the place up and add warmth to the entire space. If you have a sturdy structure where your seating area is then creating an overhead highlight is a must. A statement lighting can add that much-needed glitz and glam to your outdoor space. Chandeliers have dominated the statement lighting domain for long but now there are other fixtures that are proving to be much more felicitous and much more convenient. Go for dimmable ceiling light for the space as it can not only add warmth to your space but its versatile lighting settings can suit all your moods and occasions in the outdoor setting. 

2. Accentuating the ambience of the space

Adding the right amount of soft lighting or general lighting in the space can do wonders for all your outdoor evenings. You won’t always require a bright setting that is too loud to be comfortable, sometimes all you need are a few lighting fixtures that can create a sombre atmosphere in your outdoor space. Table lamp, floor lamps or wall lights are the best fixtures to go for as they can serve your purpose pretty well. You can go for conventional fixtures that flaunt a fabric shade or if you’re looking for an edge in your outdoor space, then go ahead with the ones that boast glass shades, metallic shades or the ones that have stone veneer too. 

3. Lighting up the pathways and entrances 

It’s not just about creating the right ambience and adding the right kind of functionality to your seating area. It is also important that you light up the pathways and the entryways to enhance the safety of using them in dark and also create an inviting atmosphere to your outdoor space.

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