Five Emergency Storage Solutions for Your Growing Retail Business

America loves to store things away. There are more than 50,000 self-storage companies in the United States alone.

Yet that number accounts for only a fraction of storage solutions. You have many options at your disposal, especially if you are in an emergency. 

What are some on-site options you can pursue? What are some safe storage resources you can bring to your business? What tips should you follow for business growth and retail storage? 

Answer these questions and you can put your stuff away without making it a hassle. Here are five solutions for you. 

1. Closets

Many people forget the closets inside their own retail business. If you have a few small items you need immediate storage of, you should put them in your closets. 

Make sure you are storing products so they do not get damaged. Put fragile objects on the floor, not on high shelves that they can fall off of. Store the products in sturdy containers with seals that will block dust and condensation. 

2. Plastic Crates

If you have a bunch of small items, you can use plastic crates. You can buy some at your local store. You can also go to a retail storage company and ask to use some of their crates. 

Keep like items together. Make sure to label the containers so you can stock your shelves in a few minutes. Place your crates in a room or along a back wall. 

3. Pods

Pods are storage containers you can rent and bring on site. They are a good option if you have a few bulky items you cannot put into plastic crates. Learn more about pods before you decide to buy one. 

Buy a pod and put your items into them. You can keep your pod outside, or you can bring it into a back room. You can also use your pod as a “pop-up shop,” allowing customers to buy the items in it. 

4. Self-Storage

Self-storage lets you buy a unit in a permanent building. You can fill the unit with as many things as you would like. 

Self-storage is an option for people who have time on their hands and many things to put away. You can find several different self-storage companies near you. Evaluate your different options before buying a particular unit. 

5. Garages

You may be able to rent a garage on a residential property. This is an option for businesses in or near residential areas. 

Garages may be more affordable than self-storage companies. Yet they may be more distant from your businesses. You may need to meet stipulations from the property owner, so evaluate your options carefully. 

The Best Storage Solutions

You have several storage solutions to pursue. You can always use your own closets and side rooms for space. You can buy plastic crates from stores and place your items in them. 

When you need more space at your business, you can buy a pod for yourself. Place your bulkiest items into them. 

Self-storage units are available for companies that need even more space. Garages may be cheaper, but you must be mindful of potential limitations. 

Storage solutions are one tool for business growth. Figure out how to grow faster by following our coverage. 

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