Surrogate motherhood is a genuine advance in modern science, allowing infertile spouses to have their biological offspring. Surrogate maternity is now a fantastic opportunity for most infertile households to taste the pleasure of parenthood. Previously, childless parents could only adopt a child; now, advanced science allows couples to carry their biological kids.

 Everyone now has the opportunity of becoming joyful parents, to experience their child’s happiness, and to take their initial footsteps along with their kid, thanks to advances in reproduction technologies. The Feskov ukraine Human Reproduction Group will assist in making each family’s wishes a reality.



They have been in the domain of infertility treatment since 1995, and they have conducted thousands of effective IVF treatments since then, allowing them to lawfully ensure the delivery of a healthy kid 100 percent of the time.


They specialize in human genomes and PGD investigations, allowing them to select a competent embryo, avoid the transfer of genetic illnesses, and select the gender of the future infant kid at your desire.


The operating method is based on total secrecy. For each client, they have created and employ a dependable personal data security strategy.


They have their database of Western, Asian, and African phenotypic moms and ovarian donors from which you may select your perfect donor.


  • They constantly put themselves in the shoes of the client and choose the most acceptable program.
  • They only use guaranteed programs that provide 100 percent assurance.
  • Partners in the WHO initiative for combating monogenic illness transmission.
  • In the operation of high-precision technology, they employ as little human intervention as possible. Thus, while the result is decided by a master’s hand (for example, when selecting healthy sperm), they have precise handcrafted work.
  • All medical hazards connected with IVF and maternity care are covered.
  • IVF Ideal Human is the process of generating a biologically ideal healthy kid from your egg and sperm.
  • Personal donor pool, choosing a donor for genetic analysis They have a personal relationship with an egg donor. First, they select egg cell donors of any country. Then, they locate a donor that looks just like you.
  • The most successful option and control come from having your bank of surrogate moms.
  • Operate without intermediaries: optimal pricing, superb usability, and risk-free results.
  • High-quality installation of personally chosen and expertly performed world-leading technology at Ukrainian-friendly costs and before the beginning of conception on a turn-key basis with no extra expenditures.
  • Each customer receives a customized approach that involves a thorough examination of the problem, allowing for a solution in each instance.


Because surrogate mother service is expensive, you should conduct information to select a qualified reproduction medicine clinic that offers excellent services at a fair childbearing price. Surrogacy mother costs review are represented as leihmutterschaft kosten. But how much does a healthy surrogacy operation cost? The reality is that various circumstances determine the price of surrogacy; hence, there is no one reply to this issue. However, you should be conscious of the elements that affect the entire expense of surrogacy.

The projected cost is between $165,000 and $240,000 on average. However, the actual surrogate price will vary on the treatments a couple requires in their specific conditions.


Feskov Human Reproduction Group techniques are cutting-edge, allowing doctors to handle male and female fertility issues of any sophistication. In this situation, the critical need for their usage is dependability and security. Therefore, they employ surrogate parenthood, egg transfer, pre-implantation genomic screening, cellular treatment, mitochondria translocation, and other contemporary fertility procedures to enable the delivery of a kid with any kind of infertility and the birth of a completely healthy infant.

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