Features and Benefits Of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that helps businesses to share all the documents and files within the company. With users on the SharePoint platform, it is made sure that all the authorized individuals get access to all the important files, documents, reports, and that too the latest available version. Businesses can set authorization for each user manually which makes sure that only those users can access the files who are meant to. 

The data can be accessed onsite or even remotely as SharePoint works like a repository, blog site, directory, and as an intranet server. This makes sure that the business processes related to those documents and files are not location restricted. Businesses can easily migrate all their data onto a SharePoint server or SharePoint Online (the latest offering by Microsoft) through SharePoint Data Migration services.

Features Of SharePoint

Content Management

Data and content management is a big challenge for all the companies and businesses these days as there is a lot of data to manage store and access. Even if a single document is lost, it can pose a problem for them. SharePoint aids this problem as it provides businesses with a platform to upload and store all this data systematically. SharePoint saves each and every version of the file on the platform which means that users have access to multiple versions of the same file. So, if anything goes wrong, they can just start working on the previously available version.

Content managers can easily manage and look after multiple active projects and tasks simultaneously on this platform. There are many pre-made project templates available to select from which means that there is no need to start from scratch. Users can just choose a template, apply it and start working on the project, saving time and increasing productivity.


SharePoint is a highly adaptable and scalable platform for collaboration with external and internal resources. The central administrator has the power to assign different levels of permissions to all the individual users. With this, it is made sure that the users have all the data that they need. The teams in the business can work on a single file on a real-time basis without any delay, lags, and zero latency. This encourages users to work together on a particular file or a project and improve the productivity of the business.

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Benefits Of SharePoint


As SharePoint Online comes included in the Office 365 Bundle, there is no need to pay extra for the application. This saves the businesses extra expenses. SharePoint Intranet can also be hosted on Azure Desktop as a Service to avoid additional setup costs.


Businesses can easily up-scale or downscale the platform storage and size according to the number of projects and resources stored on the server. This can be done by just paying an additional fee when increasing the size of the platform.

Data Security

Microsoft has spent a lot of money on securing its servers and data centers. All the latest security trends are also practiced by the highly qualified cyber security professionals at Microsoft. So be assured, all the data on the SharePoint Platform is safe and secure.

As you see these were some of the features and benefits of Microsoft SharePoint. Apps4rent provides reliable migration services such as SharePoint Migration From 2013 to 2019 with data backup and security.

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