Everything you need to know about the benefits of developing your eCommers website onMagento

CMS was presented in spring 2008. She almost immediately won a leading position in the market of platforms for online stores. In 2011, Sistema was purchased by the famous eBay company, which had a positive impact on the development of the site and its further popularity. In 2018 Magento bought Adobe Inc. Soon, the maintenance of Magento 1 ceased and all developers’ attention shifted to Magento 2.

Currently, almost 300 thousand sites are running on it. Most of them are online stores. In particular, it is chosen by such giants as:

  • olympus;
  • lenovo;
  • nokia;
  • samsung;
  • 20th century fox;

and etc.

The system allows you to exclude any framework and successfully implement virtually any ideas, commercial ideas.

Magento website development: when is it relevant?

Taking into account the peculiarities of the System, positive characteristics and unique “features”, its use will be justified (and recommended) in the following situations:

  • creation of a large online store;
  • involves the creation of several resources at once, the management of which will be carried out from one “center”;
  • creation of a resource that needs to be brought under certain requirements and features of trade in the domestic market;
  • development of a site that will implement all the necessary functions that increase the convenience of the store for ordinary users.

Advantages of Magento shops

For an online store to be effective, successful, perform its functions and solve customer problems, quickly pay off and bring a constant solid income to its owner, it is important not only to promote it correctly. Equally important is the compliance of the chosen platform with the tasks set.

As our practical experience shows, website development in Magento is exactly the best choice. Because it has many benefits.


CMS is the best option for online trading. The necessary functionality was initially created in it. It allows you to solve virtually all the tasks that may arise before the store owner. In addition, the functionality does not need additional revision or rework.

Using the platform, virtually all ideas are implemented without any problems. Even seemingly adventurous, but ultimately profitable for the store.

You should also highlight the automatic management of goods within the administrative panel. Among other features of the E-commerce-orientation of the system, it is worth highlighting:

  • filtering products by a large number of indicators;
  • a basket with different modules, which greatly simplifies the process of paying for a purchase;
  • the possibility of reviews, comments, etc.

That is, everything is there to create a full-fledged store.

Broad marketing opportunities

The store should be such that marketing campaigns can be easily implemented inside it. The system provides the following capabilities:

  • demonstration of blocks with similar products;
  • blocks with new goods;
  • discount systems;


All this allows you to increase the average check size. It is possible to automatically send promotional offers by e-mail.


Is it possible to trade successfully without reports? Here’s another reason to order a site on Magento – the functionality of the Management System allows you to constantly monitor a lot of indicators and generate reports.

Obtaining such data helps to analyze the general state of the store and select areas that need strengthening.

Promotion and Optimization

The platform is SEO friendly – it has everything to do the subsequent optimization. Automatic configuration is provided:

  • tags;
  • humanly understandable urls;
  • frequency of requests;
  • and other parameters important for indexing in search engines.

Protection and reliability

Stable performance is an important parameter. Loading pages is fast. The sites themselves, created on the platform, are resistant to viruses. Including when it comes to the use of the corresponding software.

Ease of Administration

Even without deep knowledge in programming, optimization, administration, there will be no problems with project management.

Magento’s admin panel is intuitive. Any user with access to it will be able to edit and administer the site without any problems. 

Do you want to start developing a website on this CMS platform? Find out about the best magento development companies.

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