Everything to know about Solar panel Maintenance

Owning solar panels is an incredible way to cut down the electric bills and contribute towards the environment. However, it’s crucial to perform regular solar panel maintenance to enjoy its long time benefits. Now the question is, ‘how can you maintain solar panels.’ Do you need to book a service appointment with solar panel suppliers in the Gold Coast, or can you do it yourself? 

Well, don’t worry because we have prepared this brief guide covering everything to know about solar panel maintenance. 

Why do solar panels need maintenance? 

Most solar brands offer solar panels with minimum maintenance requirements. Generally, rainwater can work as a cleaner to rinse off any dust particles, especially if you own tilted panels. 

However, extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall, rainfall, storm, or dry weather can damage or hinder solar panels’ performance and even increase the risk of fires. 

By following a regular maintenance schedule, you can maintain solar panels’ efficiency and ensure the safety of everyone residing on the premises. 

How to determine when solar panels require maintenance? 

Nowadays, most solar panels don’t require much maintenance. You can easily maintain its efficiency with regular cleaning and annual service. However, you should consider some red flags that indicate your solar panel needs early maintenance.

One such big red sign is the reduction in your solar panels’ output or increase in electricity bills. It can happen due to hindrances from dust, debris, or damage from extreme weather conditions and poor cleaning habits. You can identify such signs by installing monitoring systems. It will help you track changes in daily energy output. 

Solar panel maintenance Tips 

1. Perform occasional cleaning 

The build-up of dust and debris on the solar panels can hinder their performance. Hence, occasional cleaning can help you to maintain your solar panels’ efficiency. 

You can clean your panels with normal water twice a year or according to weather conditions. For example, if you reside in an area with dry weather conditions and don’t get enough rainfall, your solar panel requires more maintenance than in places with heavy rain.

2. Follow the annual maintenance schedule

According to the Clean Energy Council, solar panel owners can maintain an annual maintenance schedule to prevent tragic incidents like solar fires and ensure optimum efficiency. It helps to identify installation faults and maintain the efficiency of flat panels. 

However, if you own high-quality solar panels with a 25-30 years warranty and a good monitoring system, you only require an inspection from solar panel suppliers once in five years.

3. Monitor your solar panels’ performance 

Although the annual inspection is sufficient for ensuring efficiency and safety, your solar panel may require additional services if you notice changes in its performance. A sudden change in solar output that you can access through an electricity bill or by installing a monitoring system.

The monitoring system with your solar panels will help you to track solar panels’ performance via a mobile app. So you can identify the external factors that usually affect panels’ efficiency. 

Moreover, the monitoring system will send you warnings or alerts if the solar panel gets damaged or malfunctions, indicating you to perform the replacement or repair.

You should also look out for other factors like:

  • The solar inverter not displaying a green light. 
  • The build-up of dust or debris on or around the solar panels. 
  • The chance of any animal hampering your system, like pigeons, rats, etc.

4. Don’t be harsh on your panels

Cleaning is the easiest way to maintain solar panel performance. It helps prevent hindrances or damages due to heavy rainfall, snowfall or coastal weather conditions. But you also need to ensure that while cleaning, you don’t use any elements that will cause harm to the solar panels. Follow these cleaning tips for your solar panels. 

  • Avoid using any soaps, detergents, and cleansing solutions. 
  • Avoid using hard water and high-pressure water.
  • Don’t use abrasive sponges, which can damage the surface of solar panels. Instead, use soft-bristled brushes or soft sponges.
  • Avoid washing the panels when they are hot from producing solar energy. Wash them in the evenings or on cloudy days when the temperature is not high.
  • Run a hose along the panels and use a wiper to clean them. 
  • Use a solar panel cleaning kit to get all the materials to keep your solar system clean. 


Over time, dust, debris, snow or rainwater can deteriorate or damage the solar panel system, compromising its safety and efficiency. Regular maintenance lets you identify any such issue with your solar panels beforehand and take necessary action. 

Usually, a professional maintenance service from solar panels suppliers cost anywhere between $150 to $400. However, the actual cost depends on the repairs and solar panel size. 

We hope the above tips will help you take proper maintenance care of your solar panels. If you want to hire people for maintenance, then connect with the best solar panel suppliers for more information.

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