Essential Steps to Hire AI Developers for Your Company

Artificial intelligence can compose songs, paint pictures, aid in medicine, drive vehicles, and play games. Now he is learning to write code. Does this mean the days of flesh and blood developers are numbered?

In the future, the field of software development will undergo radical changes: the combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence with code generation technologies will improve, so that by 2040 most of the code will be written by machines, not people. At least that’s what the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory thinks.

Of course, in many jobs that exist today, they will lose their relevance. According to estimates from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2026, the decline in employment in 11 professions with pay more than $ 60,000 per year will amount to more than 74 thousand positions compared to 2016, or about $ 6.4 billion in wages. At the same time, the employment of programmers will decrease by 7.6% from 294,900 to 272,300. This, of course, does not mean that it is no longer worth studying to be a programmer, but at least indicates that the market will become more and more competitive. More info:

At this time, in India, where the IT industry has developed rapidly in recent years thanks to outsourcing, the number of vacancies is already decreasing. It looks like the industry, which generates more than $ 150 billion in annual revenue and employs about 4 million people, is starting to falter. So far, the acronyms are not clear. But according to a 2015 study by the National Association of Software Companies (Nasscom) and McKinsey India, by 2020, 50% to 70% of current job skills will be outdated.

“The current workforce cuts remain relevant,” says DD Mishra, according to research by the consulting firm Gartner.

One of the main reasons for large scale business success.

What artificial intelligence can do now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can now analyze huge amounts of data and make decisions based on this data. The AI-system DeepMind developed by Google has beaten the world’s best human player in Go, now a group of human champions will try to defeat one computer at once.

  • Neural networks have already appeared that can create high-definition images based on their text descriptions and vice versa, create descriptions based on images – Facebook already knows how to do this.
  • The popularity of voice assistants Siri, Alexa, Google Voice, which actively use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, is growing.
  • These successes are due to a number of factors, including the huge volumes of human-generated “big data”, the development of parallel computing algorithms used in neural networks, and the emergence of powerful and relatively cheap hardware for parallel computing (GPU).

New tools will allow recruiters to better and more accurately find candidates, as well as simulate their possible development within the company, and, for example, the likelihood of their transfer to another employer. About this, read more info here:

Hire AI Developers Essential steps to Hire AI Developers for Your Company

The typical process for recruiting new employees now looks something like this:

  1. At the first stage, the recruiter receives background information from the head of the department in which the employee is required.
  2. Next, you need to create a “selling” job description that will attract candidates, publish it, and start processing incoming resumes.
  3. This approach is unlikely to work for finding highly sought-after specialists like developers, so you also need to independently analyze the profiles of potential candidates in the network and contact them.
  4. After the initial selection, there comes the stage of interviews and collecting feedback from company employees who took part in them.
  5. An offer is made to the best candidate.
  6. If he accepts it, the important process of integrating the new employee into the team and work processes of the company begins.
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