Any construction, building, or mining project requires an excavator. Designed for heavy-duty digging and hauling, excavators can boost your team’s efficiency and productivity while reducing operating costs. There are many types and sizes of excavators, which can be used for breaking ground, digging trenches, lifting heavy materials, and crushing pavement. To know more check, specialized excavators


To meet the needs of different projects, excavators are available in a variety of configurations. Excavators can be used for heavy-duty tasks as well as for precision soil extraction or trenching. Excavators come in a variety of types, so you can always find the right one for your job site and application. These are the most common excavator types and their best uses.

 Excavators with long reach

An excavator with an extended boom and arm is called a long-reach excavator. The longer reach of these tracked excavators allows them to handle large jobs efficiently and quickly. Demolition tasks requiring precision often require long-reach excavators, or wrecking balls are impractical. In addition to enabling excavation in hard-to-reach areas, long-reach excavators can also work along waterways.

Excavator with backhoe

The backhoe excavator is another nearly ubiquitous piece of equipment in construction, landscaping, and mining. Often mistaken for standard excavators, backhoe excavators are backhoe loaders with an excavator boom attachment. Backhoes have large buckets or blades on the front that are used to push, level, and move soil and other materials. As with a standard excavator, the excavator arm on the rear of a backhoe rotates 200 degrees rather than a full 360 degrees.

An advantage of using a backhoe with an excavator attachment instead of a standard excavator is that backhoes are extremely versatile. A backhoe excavator can perform many of the same digging tasks as a conventional excavator, as well as leveling and grading soil and moving larger quantities of material. A backhoe loader can also be equipped with many other work tool attachments.

Excavator with suction

Excavators that use suction can loosen and remove soil precisely. High-pressure water blasts materials and the soil loose, then a suction pipe removes them. During removal, the pipe’s edge contains sharp teeth that further break up the material. The precise removal of materials allowed by these excavators makes them ideal for situations requiring careful and safe removal of materials without damaging underground components.

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