Certified Scrum Master® Training – Did You Know this was a Great Way to Boost Your Career?

CSM® training or Certified Scrum Master® is a course that helps the applicants to develop their creative skills and come up with new and innovative ways to improve certain existing products or create new products. One who has a CSM® training certificate is thought to have high knowledge and skills to handle a project effectively. One can earn different amounts in a year as CSM® training. But it depends on various factors: such as, it depends on the company where the employee is working; it also depends upon the location such as the country where the employee is working, and also on the contract that the employee signs with the employer. 


This provides complete knowledge of Scrum frame out. Learners learn about artifacts, sprint, planning, retrospect, and many more. It teaches how to take responsibility as a Scrum Master and carry it out as per the guidelines. 


1. The candidate has to be physically present with the Scrum Trainer or Coach.

2. The candidate has to have at least fourteen hours of online training and sixteen hours of offline training with the trainer or the coach.

3. The candidate has to approve the License Agreement and has to sit for fifty questions CSM® training test. 


CSM® training encourages a learner to carry certain responsibilities in an organization like Scrum Master, agile Scrum Master, prophecy manager, information technology, etc. Therefore the learner can easily get a job in premier companies where these roles are available. 


The members of the Scrum teams including Scrum managers and professionals are suitable for CSM training ®. Also, teams transforming to Scrum are eligible. Trainees who want to continue their career as Certified Professional Scrum Master are also welcomed.


No pre-requisites are required for applying for this Certified Scrum Master training ®

Skills Learned:

  • Lifecycle of Scrum.
  • Reviewing daily Scrum
  • Scrum distribution
  • Roles and functions in Scrum
  • Terminologies in Scrum


CSM® training has verified skills and hence they get approval widely in most industries. The CSM® training professionals take full access to local groups, resources, and channels which are only given permissions to Scrum allied members. 


One who wants to be certified as a Professional Scrum Master™ has to take the Certified Scrum Master® training conducted by the Certified Scrum Trainer and successfully clear the certification exam. The training takes place online and generally for fourteen to fifteen hours.  

Certification types:

Keeping aside the CSM® certification course there are other certifications conducted: such as:- 

  1. Professional Scrum Master or PSM™
  2. Licensed Scrum Master™ or LSM™
  3. Agile based Certified Practitioner or PMI-ACP™
  4. SAFe® Scrum Master.

Responsibilities as (Scrum Master): 

  1. Have to conduct daily Scrum Meetings. 
  2. Build a smooth relationship between the Scrum Team and the Owner of the Product.
  3. Assisting the team members in their projects and paperwork.
  4. Providing continuous guidance.


CSM® training provides several certificates that are offered under it. Like Professional Scrum Master™(PSM™), Professional Scrum Master™ II (PSM™ II), Professional Scrum Master™ III(PSM™ III), SAFe®4 Scrum Master, etc. Applicants can apply for certain varicose courses among these based on their priority. The pieces of training provided are of value both to the learners and the organizations.

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