Walking for miles or covering a thousand kilometers has not been easy in the past days. It took days or months to reach the destination Thanks to the technology which brings ease to our life the society has been changed. Previously life was troublesome in everyday travelling and great time was consumed in it. Thanks to the technology that has brought ease to our life.

People had made countless efforts to soothe travelling whether you talk about motors bikes, cars, trains or an aeroplane.  Every vehicle has their own glam.

Roads are full with the number of vehicles in which cars and motorbikes are mostly found.

Different companies manufacture cars with their own features to give comfort to the customers.

While talking about cars, the Datsun cross car is one of the best known cars of today’s century. Datsun has introduced its first crossover named Datsun Cross based on the Go Cross concept vehicle with plastic body cladding and 200mm of ground clearance. Was first shown at the Auto Expo 2016 and its production version is now called Cross and is already on large sale in India.


Datsun has specifically emphasized on the exterior designing of the car, giving it a pleasant appearance with original stylish and somewhat aggressive exterior.

The front part of Datsun Cross stands a large squarish and hexagonal Grille ‘honeycomb grille’ which is flanked by large, angular ‘eagle-eye’ projector headlights with prominent Fog lights. plus raised front bumper which makes it more extraordinary.


While driving your car play your playlist and enjoy your journey it has a feature to connect your smartphone through the car stereo system.

If you forgot your phone, no need to get worried, it keeps up to date on all the latest hit with FM radio

Smart meter

Being aware about your speed while driving is one of the most safety tip you should know wait to slow down your speed with a red zone from 6500 to 8000 rpm for CVT and 5250 to 6000 RPM in manual transmission is easy to read tachometer, this system is made up of carbon fibre to give it a sporty look so it’s easy to glance at it at night or even in a sunny day.


The remote key has a feature to open the lock without any effort of moving your car lock right or left.

Simply push the button with your key and unlock your car.


Datsun cross is a three row seater and Datsun’s first priority is to make you feel comfortable with its sofa seats and great space in between them to give ample legroom, it’s second row seats are foldable for easy access to the third row.

Wiper system

Nature has its own mood. You can have heavy rain suddenly  or just a drizzle. To have a safe drive clear view is way too essential so in a typical weather condition Datsun cross ideal wiping interval is easy to use with its convenient and intelligent wiper system

Side mirrors

You can easily adjust your metres from your side as it is a special feature to move your side mirror according to your view just by just pressing a single button.


Length – 3 995 mm;

Width 1 670 mm;

Height – 1 560 mm;

Wheelbase is 2 450 mm;

Ground clearance – 200 mm.

The main features of the interior are these:

A seven-seat layout of the seats;

Legadema the instrument panel;

Cheap materials;

Good level of the Assembly.

Minimum amount of free space.


Under the hood of the crossover is a petrol engine with such indicators:

Number of cylinders – 3;

The working volume of 1.2 l;

Power – 68 or 78 liters;

Torque – 104 Nm;

Fuel consumption: 5.1 l/100 km in mixed mode.

Speed can be switched using a mechanical “patitucci” or continuously variable, front – wheel drive.


In the basic version, the cross contains this:

Air conditioning;

Led DRL;

Audio system;



15-inch alloy wheels;

Front airbags;

Electric Windows.

Datsun cross’s sporty design and responsive features will maximise the challenges of your journey.

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