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It has become quite a fact that the education system is evolving at lightning speed. Apart from this, another fact which we can’t deny, is that the hectic schedule has become a part of the students’ lifestyle of the present generation. In this fast-changing world, it has indeed become very necessary to do a task not only effectively but also efficiently to get the best results out of it. Times like these makes creating effective notes more important than before to get the best result in a limited time.

Notes have always been our go-to solution whenever we find ourselves in a difficult situation like unit tests, exams, and limited time on our hands. These notes help us to get out of situations like these and truly are a blessing in disguise. These are extremely helpful as they provide a detailed overview of a particular topic or subject. This helps us in saving time and to retain most of the knowledge about the concept and topic which we can utilize effectively when required. Therefore it becomes extremely necessary to learn how to make effective notes and equip ourselves with the best possible ones.

The methods of teaching have also been changed significantly since last year. India became familiar with the concept of online teaching as classes shifted from classrooms to online platforms and it emerged as the only hope for students as well as teachers. The number of best app to teach online increased rapidly in India. Also, some apps developed software to provide assistance to individual teachers to conduct their classes without any interruption.  This also led us to the successful conduct of online examinations so that students don’t lag  behind in their academic schedules. As the whole nation was in lockdown, the only things which helped these students to clear these exams with flying colors were the notes made by them during their online classes. But due to a lack of proper guidance, we end up making notes which are either too detailed or insufficient. Notes should be made that are more effective and solution-oriented.

Let us find out how we can create effective notes for better results.

• Try to write notes in a manner in which it covers all the key aspects and important points. Make sure you write them in a systematic and organized way. Create notes under important titles and subtitles, outline or make them distinctive in a way that ensures the key content is covered in them as well also easier for you to remember.

• Another method that is quite effective while writing down notes is to make a  flowchart. The flowchart gives you a clear understanding of the topic’s details as well as its process. They present you with a more understandable pathway from the beginning till the end.

• Since most of the schools are closed right now due to the ongoing pandemic and most of the classes are conducted over online teaching apps, you can use them for making notes as well apart from merely using them to attend classes. You have the privilege to record the classes and use them later while making notes. Also, you have the access to these notes whenever you want.

• Images can make you understand meanings that words might not be able to. This is another proven method to understand a topic or subject better. Make drawings and images and if possible label the important points in that image. It will let you understand anything from a different angle. This certainly gives you a clear understanding and will help you when required.

• Make columns, tables for important aspects. Try to use bullets and numbering while jotting down points to make them more organized. Try to give a suitable title or heading while writing about a topic. Underline important words, sentences, and phrases. Use different color pens to not make them boring. These small changes are surely going to make your notes interesting and it will be easier for you to remember and retain their content.

Well-organized and structured notes are surely going to make it easier for you to recall them easily and develop a connection with the topics. They will help you achieve a better understanding and will also act as a quality material for structuring your answers in a better way during exams. Taking down notes in an effective manner will also reduce stress during your tests. Try these methods in your next class and notice how small changes lead to a big difference. Please do give us your feedback.

Thank you.

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