Cottaging For First Time? Tips Just For You

Don’t we all have the dream to live a cottagecore life?

Where we simply bake a blueberry pie and let it cool along with our cottage windowpane. Pick wildflowers from the meadows nearby and simply lie down on the grass, watching the clouds go by.

Certainly, it is not something suitable for someone who cannot live without a stable internet connection. But, we can all spare a weekend to go live in a cottage.

Nowadays, there are many travel and staycation facilities available at the courtside. A place where you can find your peace and tranquility at a cottage, and although they might have some of the conveniences along with a touch of rural life, it might not be that easy.

Thus, if this is your first time cottaging on sabbatical leave or just a way to find yourself again amidst the chaos of city life, then you have reached the right place.

In the excerpt below, we will be talking about everything you need to know to prepare yourself for your first cottaging.

What Is Cottaging?

Cottaging is when you are essentially a city dweller, and you leave the hustle of the city life for a few days and shift to a cottage. Yes, you book the cottage, but it is not essentially a hotel with every amenity.

If you are cottaging, you will have to take care of some of the essentials. Especially food, yes, the cottage renters will be able to provide you with the ingredients and raw materials, but by the end of the day, you will have to cook food.


Before you think about it, the food delivery services in these remote areas might not be up to mark. That is, they are hardly available in such places.

So, in short, you have to completely get into the groove of cottage life and plan everything.

How To Cottage

Do not worry because we have got you covered. Let us understand what you need to do for the perfect first-time cottaging.

1. Download Everything

No matter how much the technology is improving, you must understand that in rural areas, people live a much simpler life. So, you must not get caught up with the idea of having a full-time high-speed internet connection along with the peace of cottage life.

Yet, if you still find yourself craving some entertainment, then you should download the movies beforehand. You can download your favorite movies, series, and recipe books (for the cooking experiments) for free from RarBG.

2. Take Help From Locals

Do not feel shy to take help from the locals. If you want to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the countryside and you are in need of a few necessities, the locals can assist you.

They will tell you about the nearest store or farmer’s market from where you can get all your necessities. If you are feeling a little shy or introverted, there is no harm in asking the renters for assistance. 

3. Pack The Essentials

This is not a vacation where you take loads of pictures to post over the internet. Yes, you will be clicking pictures, but most of the time, they will just remain on your phone. Less social media and more sustainability.

So, other than glamor, try to pack as many necessities as you can. This will include batteries for flashlights and candles for power cuts. They will have an extra set of necessary clothes for the times your washed clothes don’t dry due to snow. Essentials which you are sure to not find in the rural areas, and heatable readymade food for the times you are unable to cook something from scratch. 

4. Means Of Transportation

You should check every means of transportation before you even start your journey to the cottage. If it is a train or plane ride, try to rent a car for the time being from the town headquarters before you set for the countryside.

However, the best would be to select a place where you can drive your own car, as smooth transportation might be scarce in these areas.

Enjoy Yourself!

In the end, you must remember to enjoy yourself. After all, it is not just about stressing over the convenience or amenities you do not have but understanding one thing –

You are not in the city, so you will not have a stable internet or cell reception.

Moreover, you are here to detox. So, do that rather than thinking about how many emails you have missed.

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