Common mistakes custom T-shirt designers must avoid staying relevant in the market

Resisting a cute T-shirt is next to impossible. If you are looking for a gifting option, you can try your hands at customized apparel. Customizing t-shirts are a fantastic way of creating an impact. They are attractive, versatile, comfortable, and the like. These days custom companies use t-shirts for their promotional events and giveaways to their employees. It helps in fostering comradeship between different teams. If you are trying your hands at a customized t-shirt business, you will have to pay attention to multiple factors. You will have to abstain from some mistakes if you want to make your designs stand out.

Remember that the competition is high and you are into it. If you are going to get orders in bulk, you will have to ensure that your products are unique. There are different designs, materials patterns, and the like hovering over the market. You will have to be up to date with the market situation and your customers’ requirements as any mistake made over here will compromise your revenues.

Low quality

The first mistake that any individual working in this industry may make is going for low-quality fabric. Remember that apart from the design and message, the main backbone of your product is your fabric. Just get a good fabric for printing so that the t-shirt will last long. If you compromise on the quality of t-shirts, you will not work well. Cheap quality material does not go long in the competition. Hence, you will have to go for quality fabrics that are affordable and leave an impact on your audience. It is significant for those corporates that are working with bulk orders. For representing your brand, you will have to work on quality material.

Complex design

Yes, complex Rarecustom designs are something every t-shirt printer wants to experiment with. However, if you go wrong, you will regret it. Too much text, graphics, and different colors in one design need proper calculation. For creating customized t-shirts, you will have to come up with perfect examples. If you go wrong in any of these aspects, your entire effort will go in vain. Include relevant information and that will do the job. Keep your graphics attractive and straightforward, and select those colors with which you are comfortable working. The main idea in t-shirt business opportunities is to put across your message. Hence, you will have to do it as swiftly as you can.


You have to understand one thing, and that is that the t-shirt is not your banner. However, you cannot copy and paste sentences after sentences on the t-shirt. You will have to keep your message precise and put across your thoughts. Keep it catchy and crisp, and that will do the job. If you use your t-shirt as a banner, people will lose interest in the message.

One size fits all

If you feel that one size fits all, the answer is no. When working with bulk orders, you will have to evaluate and customize t-shirts of different sizes. If your customers have trouble wearing it, you will have trouble getting the revenues. You will have to take care of the sizes to do well. Talk to them and find out their requirements. Do not compromise on size, or else your design and message will go in vain for your shirt business opportunities.

Multiple colors

Using multiple colors on a single t-shirt is a no-no. However, if you are working with rainbow graphics, you can try your hands at it. However, when working with customizing t-shirts, try to stay away from too many colors. Try to justify your design with the help of those colors that make your design stand out. You will have to consider the cost and printing method over here. When working with screen printing, the general rule is to use fewer colors.

If you increase the number of colors, the cost per t-shirt goes high. The norm over here is to use one to three colors at the most. Apart from this, you will have to work with contrast. If you want to make your products visually pleasing, you will have to keep them well in balance. Use those colors which go with each other and make a good impression. You may select bold colors and try to contrast them with the message. When you are determining your shades, ensure that they are readable and enhance the overall appeal.

Lastly, you will have to see that the images are of high quality. Poor font and outdated style are something that your customers will never like. When your designs are in tune with the trend, you will grab a better outcome. You will have to pay attention to the placement and printing method. Custom T-shirts will be effective only when you consider these points.

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