Cleaning and Janitorial Services: What’s the Difference?

Are you wondering if there is a difference between janitorial and cleaning services? While janitorial services tend to be in-house, cleaning services can be hired out. But the differences don’t end there.

Read on to learn what the difference is between cleaning and janitorial services!

Janitorial Cleaning Services Usually Are More Regular 

Typically, janitorial services are staffed within a company, but that’s not always the case. Do a search for janitorial services near me if you’re starting your business from scratch. You’ll find plenty of companies that you can hire for a flat monthly rate or another type of plan.

Additionally, janitorial services tend to happen on a daily basis. This means that most personnel will do light cleaning within the office each day. Services can happen during normal business hours or after most people are out of the office. 

Most janitorial companies will be licensed, trained, and efficient. If you want to save yourself some time, consider hiring out the job.

Janitorial Services Will Keep Your Office Clean

For daily cleaning services, turn to janitorial cleaning services. They’ll clean the bathrooms, do the dusting, and empty the trash. They also can vacuum, mop, and do other tasks to keep your space clean.

For offices and buildings with light traffic, janitorial cleaning services make a lot of sense. You may be able to negotiate the type and frequency of services. It’s always smart to ask for quotes and shop around for the best option. 

Best of all, routine janitorial services will reduce the impact of wear and tear on your office. This will help you avoid more costly repairs, like new carpet or furniture, down the road. 

Cleaning Services Will Take on Bigger Tasks

Does your carpet at the office look filthy? If too many people have tracked mud and snow into the office, your carpet will reflect it. And this won’t look professional when the bigwigs or clients visit.

When it’s time to tackle bigger tasks, you’ll want to turn to commercial cleaning companies. They’ll have the specialized knowledge and equipment to handle larger deep cleaning responsibilities. This can include redoing flooring, pressure waxing, or redoing countertops.

Some services even will tackle scrubbing grout. And some will clean your furniture, too. Every six months or so, it may be advisable to hire a cleaning company to do a major cleaning.

If you’re moving into a new office space, commercial cleaning services are your best bet. They can do a one-time deep clean before you move in. And you won’t need to feel obligated to keep working with them. 

Find the Right Cleaning Services for Your Needs

When you’re debating between janitorial services or cleaning services, consider your needs. If you’re looking for basic cleaning services, you might want to stick with commercial janitorial services. On the other hand, for deeper cleans, hire out the job to commercial cleaning services.

For more tips to keep your business in good shape, check back for new and informative articles. 

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