Challenging Failure: Everything You Need to Know About Academic Dismissal Appeals

Teachers generally have a habit of blaming everything on their students. So, when a student fails, they generally assume that the student is to blame. However, this is not always the case. There are hundreds and thousands of reasons why a student may not be able to perform well in school or college. It’s not always the students’ fault. 

Students try their best to meet the academic standards set by their school or college. Sometimes their lives go off the rail a little due to external events, like mental, physical, or relationship issues, that affect their academic performance. 

Consequently, some of such unfortunate students are dismissed, and their enrollment in their school or college is canceled. This has long-lasting negative effects on all domains of their lives.

If you are one of such unfortunate students, you should know that you can contest the academic dismissal decision of your institution with the help of an academic dismissal appeals lawyer

You should also know that you have this right regardless of where you are studying, what you are studying, and whatever your racial or ethnic background is. 

When Is an Academic Dismissal Appeal Invalid?

For an academic dismissal appeal to be granted, it has to be based on something convincing. Remember that lame excuses do not work in court setups. 

Sometimes the reasons you think inhibited your success are legitimate, but they actually aren’t. For the sake of explanation, the following are some of the reasons you cannot provide in a court in such cases:

  • Living with uncooperative or problematic roommates
  • Noisy hostel or any other residence
  • Unhelpful tutors
  • Nonsensical professors
  • Not being able to attend classes duty to family functions

All of the above reasons are invalid because you have control over these things. Many students succeed despite such issues, or they figure out a way to solve them. 

When Is an Academic Dismissal Appeal Valid?

Academic dismissal appeals are valid only when they are based on reasonable evidence. The following are some reasons and situations due to which you can go for an academic dismissal appeal and actually succeed:

  • If your school or college has committed a factual error. When your institution accuses you of violating their regulations on unfactual grounds. 
  • If something really bad happens in your life, like a traumatic experience, they hinder your academic performance. 
  • Financial issues
  • Family crises
  • Psychological or physical problems


Your failure is not necessarily always your fault. If you have been dismissed from school on the basis of unreasonable grounds, you can protest and file an academic dismissal appeal. The most important thing is that your academic dismissal appeal must be based on convincing reasons. 

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