Bicycle Accident Documents to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

People bicycle everywhere not only for fun but also for short commutes and other errands. Drivers don’t often look out for bicyclists when on the road, so this leads to many accidents from small bumps to major injuries.

If you’ve been in a bicycle accident, then you should contact an attorney and bring several bicycle accidents documents with you. The key to winning a bicycle accident case is to be prepared and these documents are vital.

We created this article to help you know what to bring and why it’s important. A lawyer for a bicycle accident wants to see them before taking your case.

Bicycle Accident Documents: Police Report

Whenever there is an accident involving a car, call the police immediately. They come to the scene, talk to people, talk to you and the driver, and find out exactly what happened. This information goes into a police report that details the accident and who is at fault.

It also mentions if the driver was cited for failure to avoid an accident or other charges. It may take a day or two for the police to finish the report, but you can pick it up at the police station.

This is an official document and carries much weight in a personal injury case. Your bicycle accident attorney uses this to help prove your case.

Statements from Witnesses

If there are people around when the accident happened, the police talk to them to find out what happened. If you are able at the time, get their names and phone number to conduct your own interviews or get them from the police department.

This acts as corroborating evidence to back up the police report.

Photos and Videos

Pictures of the damage to the car, your bicycle, yourself, and the scene are vital to painting a picture of the accident and what it to you. If you were hospitalized, try to get images or videos of the injury. If any of the witnesses have cell phone video of the accident, then ask them for it.

A video that shows the accident as it happens could be crucial to winning your case.

Bills from Injuries

If you have injuries sustained from the accident and spent time at the hospital or emergency room, provide the bills to the lawyer. This shows exactly how much the accident cost you, the treatment received, and the injuries sustained.

The bills should be not only the ones from the accident day but also any follow-up doctor appointments, surgeries, etc. that occurred later. If you had any expenses caused by the treatment such as transportation or hotel costs, those should be included too.

Prepare for Your Case

An accident has two sides and each one wants to win. Having these bicycle accident documents for the lawyer speeds up the process and provides them with all the information they need to win the case.

If you want to learn more about bicycle accidents and injury law, then please explore our site.

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