Best Features of Forex Fury EA

Have you been trading for some time? If yes, automated trading with Expert Advisor (EA) is a new term for you. 

Today, automation is not a new thing in the trading world. After all, over 50% of traders belong to the millennial group that prefers automated trading. Automation has also captured the forex world, which is evident due to advanced mobile trading technologies, 5G networks, and forex robots.

With automation (forex robot nation), forex traders can entirely focus on other trading areas, including research and trading strategy formulation. The only issue here is choosing the best forex robot for your trading needs.

With countless options on the market, the selection may be frustrating on your part. Each EA offers unique features and functionalities. You may find all the options interesting at first glance, but not all of them are worth trying. 

Don’t worry; sticking to the tried-and-tested EAs with positive ranking and verified results is advantageous. Speaking of EA, Forex Fury remains the most trusted forex robot among beginners and seasoned traders. This automated trading robot has captured the attention of those belonging to the trading world in a short period.

Keep reading and discover the best features of Forex Fury EA that can make a big difference in your next trading performance.

Forex Fury Overview 

First, let me define what Forex Fury is.

The Rypax Inc Team developed forex Fury. This fully automated forex robot is designed with beginners and experienced traders in mind. It is currently the best EA on the market.

This trading bot offers a fantastic set of features and a 93% win rate. It comes with tested settings, supportive and experienced customer care, and a comprehensive and easy-to-understand installation guide. Since it is easy to use, beginners with no trading experience and knowledge can use it without difficulty.

Besides the wide range of features, Forex Fury also offers freedom and flexibility to pursue traders’ trading strategies while reducing the risks of failure. It is compatible with MT4, MT5 Build 600+, FIFO, and NFA. 

This forex robot supports foolproof money management systems and promotes low drawdowns trading. The availability of filters is one of the EA’s highlights. These filters help avoid trading in unfavorable or non-profitable market conditions. As a result, traders will not place trades in highly volatile market conditions.

Forex Fury provides fifteen-year backtest results that are accessible from the traders’ area.

What are the Best Features of Forex Fury 

Now that you have a background of Forex Fury, it’s time to reveal its best features. As mentioned earlier, this forex trading bot comes with a fantastic set of features. Let’s get to it!

Money Management Strategy 

Forex Fury features a built-in money management strategy, which ensures long-term growth and sustainable performance. The trading bot offers forex traders of all types an opportunity to trade in a low-risk environment. So, traders can expect sustainable returns while minimizing investment risks.

Proven Settings

This automated trading bot was developed by a team of highly skillful and experienced traders, and they have been invested their time, effort, and resources to design and refine it. So, traders can take advantage of proven settings that work efficiently.


Many forex traders appreciate the EA’s adaptability. The trading bot comes with a result-driven and user-friendly setting. It allows traders to try some experimentation with their strategies with custom features.

One of the reasons Forex Fury remains the top EA on the market is that it offers flexibility and a chance to work with various platforms. What’s more, the low-risk strategy and money management enable beginners to conveniently and confidently place trades with no worries about the risk of loss. 

MT4 and MT5 Compatibility

Traders who use all MT4 and MT5 brokers will appreciate Forex Fury EA. This feature provides beginners and experienced traders to trade on their desired platform while sticking to their unique trading strategies.

Easy Installation 

The installation process for Forex Fury EA is very straightforward. After the payment, new members will immediately receive the downloadable link. They need to download and install the software, and they are good to go. 

Traders can choose from two packages: Gold Package and Diamond Package. The Gold Package is available at $229.99 and allows a trader to set up a single trading account. It offers free updates and unlimited demo accounts. As for the Diamond Package, it comes with $439.99 and offers two payment methods. Users can pay using PayPal or a credit card. Then, they will receive the registration link.

Time-Restricted Trading Strategy 

This forex trading robot works on the classic time-restricted strategy, allowing it to perform well when combined with the M15 timeline. If traders have a confined budget, this strategy is particularly helpful. It is also useful to those who want to place a trade alongside calculated risk.

Different Currency Pairs 

Forex Fury works with various currency pairs with ease. This feature is not present in other automated trading bots because they only focus on one or two pairs.

Real-time Automated Results 

When traders get acclimatized with trades, understanding the trends can be the most frustrating part. Understanding trends is crucial for traders to understand better understand to ensure favorable future trades.

Fortunately, Forex Fury made the whole process easy. Through the Myfxbook, the trading bot can generate real-time automated results with a 93% winning rate.

Easy to Access Customer Care 

One of the best things about using this forex robot is that it never leaves the customers hanging. The customer care team takes responsibility to deliver software clear understanding and support them from purchase to actual usage.


When choosing the best EA for your forex trading needs, always go to the one that offers valuable features. The popularity of Forex Fury is not only because of its attractive winning ratio but also due to ease of installation and use, flexibility, and excellent customer care. It has all the necessary features to help you survive the ever-changing trading market. Plus, you can stick to your trading approaches. Happy trading!

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