Best Affordable accounting apps for small businesses and freelancers

You can keep track of your company’s financial performance no matter how different you are from the office using Online accounting software for small business. Because not all accountancy software vendors provide applications, we suggest checking out the best two options if you want to handle your accounting on the move.

Freshbooks –

Are you a busy freelancer that continues to stay track of project time, manage expenses, & submit correct invoices to clients on the go? FreshBooks’ cloud-based accounting software comes highly recommended. FreshBooks offers limitless personalized invoices just $15 per month that effortlessly integrate with its timekeeping tools so you can charge your customers the correct amount for every job. FreshBooks also has estimated that you can create an application, send it to clients for approval, then convert it into an invoice once the project is completed.

The program appears to operate equally effectively for Apple and Google users. Despite having fewer users generally than QuickBooks, it ranks quite well on both networks. The absence of functionality in the app compared to the desktop site is the most common complaint. However, FreshBooks is so comprehensive that fewer mobile capabilities still equate to a number of mobile functions. FreshBooks’ customer services are also quite active on both review websites: if you have an issue, a customer service representative will tend to pass your concern along to a programmer within several hours.


  • Invoices may be customized indefinitely.
  • It has a low price.


  • App has fewer features than the desktop version.

Quickbooks –

The QuickBooks application essentially performs the same functions as the QuickBooks Online account, which is significant given that many firms’ applications lack the power of their desktop counterparts. You can accomplish any one of the following with the smartphone app:

  • Send 50+ standard, easy-to-understand financial reports to various stakeholders.
  • Send bills with associated receipts via SMS, email, or messaging platform, using an encrypted connection for added security.
  • Expenses are automatically tracked.
  • Use GPS to keep track of your mileage automatically.
  • Even if you’re not in the office, you may set up, accept, & sign estimates with customers.
  • Accept payments with the payment gateway of your choice.
  • Transfer payments to the bank on a regular basis.

QuickBooks is an excellent solution for most sorts of businesses because of its configurable, extensive features. The estimate and quotation tool, for example, is ideal for busy piping and Hvac services. The GPS mile tracker is ideal for businesses where workers spend more time in transit, such as real estate salespeople who move from home to home all day. For entrepreneurs who need a fast and simple way to be get paid upfront, the secure invoicing through SMS service is ideal.


  • It’s Setup time is quick, and the learning curve is minimal.
  • Integration with the other business applications is simple.


  • This Software that is more expensive than many of its competitors

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile applications vs software?

The major benefit is obvious from the name: with the exception of your office computer, mobile apps are… well, mobile. They can accompany you everywhere you go as far as you have your phone with you. It shouldn’t be an issue because most of us are tethered to our iPhones by the waist (or hand).

To put it another way, with an application, you always have your company’s data to you, and it’s easy to access. To contact a customer, fill out such an invoice, or make an estimate, you may not have to wait till you get back to your desktop.

The disadvantage of using applications over software is that these applications are limited in what they can achieve. Most accounting software’s desktop versions provide more functionality & reports than the applications. Furthermore, desktop editions are simply better to read—a larger screen makes it easier to understand your program’s navigation & settings, as well as read reports.

The bottom line –

Freshbooks Online is the greatest accounting program for smaller companies in terms of usability and ease of use. From mileage monitoring to bank reconciliation, the Freshbooks accountancy app provides everything the program does. It’s one of the most user-friendly programs available, with an almost non-existent growth curve.

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