Bathroom Partitions for Commercial Establishments: What You Need to Know

Your average business owner puts in a lot of hours at work. Many of them clock in anywhere from 50 to 60-plus hours weekly.

You open a business expecting that it will mean long hours. You plan around hiring people, setting schedules, and managing inventory.

Most business owners probably don’t go into it thinking that bathroom partitions will become something that requires their attention. Yet, for most commercial businesses, commercial bathroom partitions will come up as part of the building or renovation process.

So, what do you need to know about bathroom partitions for commercial establishments? Keep reading to learn more.

Types of Partitions

One of your big considerations is the type of partition you want. There are several available types, including:

  • Floor mounted partitions
  • Ceiling mounted partitions
  • Floor-to-ceiling partitions
  • Floor anchored with overhead bracing

One of the most common options you see in commercial settings is the floor anchored partitions with overhead bracing. You will also routinely see floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted partitions in commercial settings as well.

For higher-end commercial establishments, such as nice restaurants, you’re more likely to see floor-to-ceiling partitions. These partitions provide customers with the maximum level of privacy.

Partition Materials

Your next big consideration is the partition material. Most commercial operations go for powder-coated steel bathroom partition panels. They are an economical option that provides some durability to the stalls.

Other material options include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Composite
  • High pressure laminate
  • HDPE
  • Solid plastic

Your choice of partition material will often depend on the style you want for the bathroom. Powder-coated steel offers a pretty basic pattern, while some of the plastic options allow for engraving.

You must also consider maintenance. All of the options are comparatively durable. Some will hold up to harsher chemicals or brute force cleaning methods like pressure washing better than others.


Getting the partitions put in is a job for professional partition installers. They’ll know the best ways to position and hang the partition panels and doors.

If you’re not sure what you want, you may want the installers to come out and make a recommendation based on the infrastructure. For example, floor mounting often requires a minimum thickness of concrete beneath the floor.

While you’re thinking about bathroom stall portions, don’t forget about restroom accessories. Think in terms of toilet tissue dispensers and paper towel dispensers. You can simplify the installation process by getting all of the products from a single vendor.

Bathroom Partitions and Your Commercial Space

As a rule, businesses have bathrooms, even if those bathrooms remain inaccessible to the general public. You’ll still want bathroom partitions in private bathrooms to maximize privacy for your employees.

When selecting partitions, you’ll need to think about type and material. Floor anchored partitions with overhead bracing that employ powder-coated steel partitions are common, they aren’t the only choices.

Consider the impression you want to give. Do you want a fancier look or basic? Think about the overall maintenance requirements as well.

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