Are Vans Good Skateboarding Shoes?

Did you know that the famous shoe brand Vans has been around since 1966 in the United States?

This unique shoe shop wanted to make custom shoes and get them to customers within a day. 

Although they weren’t originally designed for skateboarding, these shoes have come far and are some of the best. 

Keep reading if you want to learn about what makes Vans good skateboarding shoes! 

The Original Skating Shoe

One of the biggest reasons that Vans make good skateboarding shoes is that they have been appealing to the crowd since the early 70s. 

In the 70s, professional and aspiring skaters started wearing these shoes to improve their performance. These shoes have an original design with skating in mind from the grippy sole to the flat bottom. 

A lot of companies have tried to follow in Van’s footsteps, but this is one shoe that can’t get beat. 

It’s in the Sole 

Finding shoes for skateboarders can be challenging since many of them have the look but don’t have the sole.

Skateboarders need shoes with a rubber sole that is sticky and grippy. If the sole is too slick, you’ll have a difficult time controlling your board and increase the risk of falling off. 

Another feature in the sole that helps skaters is the increased lip. The rubber soles on Van’s shoes go up higher to prevent materials from getting ripped as the board and concrete rub against the shoes. 

Made of Quality Materials

If you are wondering, are Vans good for skateboarding? You don’t have to wonder anymore. 

These shoes are built for skating, especially when the designers chose the materials. Leather is often used in their skating shoes since it increases durability and can help prevent injuries. The leather is light and protective, making it perfect for protecting you against your board. 

With such quality materials being used, these shoes are comfortable and light. This makes them perfect when you need to get a feel for the board as you take control. 

Unique Designs

Fashionable Vans are easy to find and there are endless options to choose from.

No matter your personality, you can let it shine through your shoes. Although the classic design is black with white decals, you can get bold colors. These strange color combinations are popular amongst skaters since they go against the norm and make a statement. 

A notable moment for Vans occurred in 1982 when the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High was released. Sean Penn wore Van’s famous black and white checkered slip-on shoes. This gained a lot of attention and is still a trend. 

If you like colorful shoes and want a lightning stripe, you can review the Revenge X Storm here to learn more. These shoes are comparable to Van’s if you can’t find your size. 

Easy to Put On

Although you can always buy Vans with laces, a unique option is their laceless designs.

Laceless skating shoes were revolutionary and Vans want to make a statement in the industry. The convenience of putting these shoes on was what partially led them to make deals overseas. Even skaters from Europe wear Vans because they are so comfortable and easy. 

If you get a pair of Vans that have laces but don’t want to deal with them, you can swap them out. There are unique laces that don’t require tieing, they will keep your foot snug in your shoes while giving flexibility. 

They’re Weather Resistant

There’s nothing more frustrating to a skater than a rainy day. 

Since most shoes get slick on the board when they get wet, people avoided skateboarding during those times. Fortunately, Vans released weather-resistant shoes that could handle wet terrain. 

The success of their weather-resistant line also led to the creation of their snowboarding boots in the early 90s. 

Perfect for Everyone 

Did you know that Van’s shoes have options for men, women, and children? 

No matter what style or design you like, you can find it in your size. It’s common for women to wear men’s skating shoes since they are designed for the job, however, they often have a wider build. 

Depending on what makes you comfortable on the board, look at all of your options since each shoe is custom for the streets. 

Another reason that Van’s shoes are perfect for every type of skater is that they can also be worn for other hobbies. Biking and fashion have used these famous skating shoes because of their wonderful design. 

Always Adapting

Although much of this company’s success comes from the late 1900s, it is still a relevant skating brand.

Van’s has been actively working around the globe to make skating accessible to children and adults, especially in China. They are upgrading older editions and making improvements with innovative technology and materials. 

This brand is always seeking feedback from its customers and makes custom shoes to meet their demands. The ability to adapt is part of what makes Van’s a reliable shoe company. Shoe companies that can’t adapt, never survive, which shows how much success this company has. 

Don’t You Want Good Skateboarding Shoes?

If you want to get good skateboarding shoes, you should consider buying from Van’s. 

Van’s vision was to sell shoes designed for skateboarding and to make a statement. They are built with durable materials and a grippy sole that will give you control over your board, even in the rain. Not only are they comfortable, but they also come in convenient designs.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine with a unique pattern or color scheme. 

Make sure you check out our page for more content about shoes and fashion trends that will give you confidence! 

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