Are Pickups Great in Snowy Roads? What Are the Features to Look for?

It looks like the most oversized vehicles can go faster in the snow while sedans and hatchbacks are stuck behind. It is a true statement, and you must have seen it happen. People start looking for the snow removal vehicle when the snow fills the roads, and those with pickups never worry about these silly issues. Next time you see Ram 1500 for sale in Palmdale in an online advertisement, you know what to do. 

In the 2019 survey, Palmdale had a population of 156,000 with a median age of 32. Their median household income was around $62,865, which is not bad. This means every household can have at least one pickup truck if they wish to.

Now, back to the point. Are bigger vehicles performing better in snow compared to regular cars? Are trucks better than SUVs? If you are excited to find out the answers, read the complete.

With their higher ground clearance and BHP, pickups can manoeuver through the snow. The higher seating position and height of the car lets you see past the car in front of you and can see people/cars far ahead even in smog.

The homeownership rate in Palmdale was 65.35, which means the remaining are frequently moving around the state/city. And the average car ownership in the city was two cars per household, which is great, and probably one of the cars is a pickup. And pickups are a great choice for transportation of their belongings. 

Before explaining the features to look for in a vehicle to drive that you can drive on snow, let’s see why driving on snow is difficult.

Lack of friction

The biggest issue while driving on snow is that there’s zero friction on the road if you cannot touch the road. Without friction, the tires cannot get a hold of the road, and your vehicle may start slipping.

No visibility

When it’s raining, you can still see the road, but when it’s snowing, you have to assume the path by analyzing the nearby houses, trees, and other structures. 

Freezing temperature

Some car components stop working when the temperature goes below a certain point. To prevent this issue, you must keep the vehicle inside the garage.

Now, let’s see what features to look for in a big car like the pickup for a better drive on snow.

The drivetrain

Getting a big pickup is necessary, but ensure you get the FWD (front-wheel drive) or 4WD (four-wheel drive). You shouldn’t buy the RWD (rear-wheel drive), which performs the worst in snow and mud.

Overall power

A powerful engine will help you get past the tough snow and harsh weather. If you have a heavy vehicle and high bhp in the engine, you can move forward irrespective of the weather condition. The frame of the pickup makes it sturdy and heavy, made of steel and aluminum. The winter is coming, and if you see Ram 1500 for sale in Palmdale, don’t miss the opportunity.

ABS, Stability, and traction control

The anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control of your wheels, and stability control will help you manoeuver the vehicle properly through the snow. 

Weight of your car

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the bigger the vehicle is, the faster it can go through the snow. And the weight of that vehicle helps maintain the momentum and improve the traction. The weight pushes the wheels to the round, and you can control them better.

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