Are Motorized Skateboards Street Legal

One of the greatest concerns of the rider is that, whether motorized skateboarding is legal or is it illegal?

This question has varying answers mainly depending on where you live. All these will be covered in this article. So, if you are willing to enjoy riding motorized skateboards on street, then based on your location this article might be good news or bad news for you.

United States of America

So, if you are a US citizen, you might want to look into the details of states. Here comes what the laws in every state have to say about legality.


To ride an electric skateboard in California, you need to be at least 16 years old of age. Moreover, a helmet is a must. Your skateboard must have lights for traffic directions if you are skating at night. These lights include a front light, a backlight, and reflectors. You cannot exceed 15mph speed limits. Plus, you cannot skate to educational institutes, parks, or airports.


Good news for you if you live in Texas! Electric skateboards are allowed for you to ride with a speed limit of a maximum of 35mph. You can ride in bicycle lanes and sidewalks. Cool! this is not bad.

But wait! This might not be good news if you want to ride at night. It is illegal to ride at night.


Well, Florida has got some strict regulations. You cannot ride on the roads or on public property to be more accurate. Nevertheless, you are allowed to own them and can ride on personal properties.


When it comes to Canada, this is a matter for provincial governments and municipalities to decide. The majority of the time, police do not interfere unless the riders are skating dangerously.


European countries each have their own laws regarding electronic skateboarding. France and UK are still working on the regulations.

Finland demands a registration. Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, and Greece allow them.

Good news for the majority of Europeans!

How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go

You probably love riding at high speeds. You are up for a race and are looking for the right guidance. You are interested in the efficiency of electric skateboards. These might be the reasons you are here, or even if there is any other reason related to the speeds of electric skateboards, then this article might be useful to you.

This article as the title says throws light on the speeds of a skateboard. We will cover the following topics in this article.

  • Analysis (The exact speed range of electric skateboards).
  • Types of skateboards.
  • How does the structure matter?


The electric skateboards are faster than the mechanical ones due to the electronic components attached. They are driven by motors that utilize electrical energy and level up the skateboards in terms of the mechanism involved. As recorded, the average speed ranges from 18mph to 25mph. The fastest electric skateboard is a longboard named NGV Nextboard, which has a “Guinness World Record” of 68 mph.

Types of Skateboards

There are different types of electric skateboards based on their size and structure. In this section, we will discuss the effects of the size. So based on size, there are three types of electric skateboards.

  1. Longboards: These are the fastest and longest types of electric skateboards. They have an extended length with bigger wheels. This feature makes them fast.
  2. Cruiser Boards: These are shorter than a longboard. They are designed for cruising short distances. They are slower compared to the longboards.
  3. Shortboards: Electric shortboards are the standard size boards. They are even slower than the cruiser boards.
  4. Penny boards: These are the shorter cruiser boards. They are fine for short distances only, and you cannot perform tricks with them. They have small wheels, so they are not speed demons.

So this was how the factor of size affects the electric skateboards.

Now let us see how the structure can affect the electric skateboard speeds.

How Does The Structure Matter?

When talking about structure, mechanical and electric hardware are responsible for the overall performance of electric skateboards.

Mechanical Structure

The mechanical structure is important when it comes to the speed of an electric skateboard. The types of parts used can govern the overall performance.

  • Type of wheels: Electric skateboards with larger wheels can cover distances at a faster rate than those with smaller ones.
  • Bearings: The quality of bearings also affects the speed of the skateboard. The smoother they are, the faster your skateboard can go.

Electric Structure

The electric skateboards are driven by motors, batteries, and other electronic parts. This mechanism makes them faster than simple skateboards. How fast can an electric skateboard go depends on the type of electronic hardware employed.

  • Batteries: The voltage and power from the battery spin the wheel accordingly. Consequently, your speed primarily depends on the battery power.
  • Motors: Using a compatible motor with the battery and other electronic parts is the right choice you can make. Therefore, choosing a system with more power generation can increase your speed. Using more than one motor is another option for making your electronic skateboards fast.

So these were some factors that affect the overall performance of your skateboard. The faster an electric skateboard can go depends on the right choice of these parts.


Love for speed with the need for stability makes electric longboards popular. They are good for the riders who would love to ride fast and cover distances. They are longer in size than the short skateboards. This makes them smooth and reduces vibrations.

Traveling with speeds is fun, but with it arises a question. What is the system of braking in the electric longboards?

The answer is Yes. These longboards have braking systems and these systems can be of different types. Three types of systems are commonly used. These are:

  • Dynamic Braking
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Combination of Both

Dynamic Braking.

The electric longboards are constructed utilizing motors to drive them. These motors are made up of magnets and coils of wire. The current in the coils causes them to rotate between permanent magnets. The phenomena of an induced magnetic field in a current-carrying conductor. This is the basic principle of motors. So when you decide to slow down your longboard, you push a button and it causes the internal mechanism to operate accordingly. The electric energy from motors is directed into a resistor which consumes the power in heat production. Thus, causing the motor to slow down.

Regenerative Braking

This type of braking also employs redirecting of the electric current. However, the electric current is directed towards the battery and recharges it. Ideally, it is the best way to apply brakes. The reality however might differ. It can cause serious problems if the battery is already charged. It might cause damage and overcharge is hazardous as well. You can only apply this type of brake when you have utilized enough battery. Thus, not allowing you to stop before that.

This braking type of braking needs some modifications in order to be applied safely.

Combination of Dynamic and Regenerative

The shortcomings of a regenerative braking system are overcome by a system that is a combination of both dynamic and regenerative types of braking systems. In this system when braking is applied only the required amount of energy is directed towards the battery. The rest of the energy is directed towards a resistor and thus gets dissipated.

This is the safest and the most efficient method of applying brakes to electric longboards.

Summing Up

That was all for the braking systems in electric longboards. Now that you know about these systems, you can also easily decide if a longboard is suitable for you in terms of braking. Happy Long Boarding!

At The End

So now we know that there is a varying speed range an electric skateboard can achieve. The construction parts determine how fast an electric skateboard can go. The fastest an electric skateboard has gone was 68 mph and there are different types of electric skateboards with differing speeds. The answer to the question of how fast do electric skateboards go thus depends on different factors and is not a fixed quantity.

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